Bansko Snow Forecast: Warmer then Colder

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Picture taken: 1st February 2019. Piste 5ia

The Bansko snow forecast after our 1 metre plus dump of snow last week is looking surprisingly good from md next week. The warm air from Africa spoils the snow party  for four days causing melting of the snow in town and some reduction in cover on most slopes. There could be some icy patches in the morning because of the melt and evening freeze. Check out my ride down the snow road: which was compact and hard.

For some beginners this was a little too hard and fast; for me it was perfect. You can see I did not have to use my poles for the whole distance of the long snow road.

You will also see that I made a nice detour around Chalin Valog to show you how few people were there. You’ll also see I stopped for a car to cross — just as I was say be careful.

By Wednesday evening things cool down with more snow probably around 10cm higher up.

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After that, temperatures will remain fairly cold as the air from the North re-establishes itself over the region.

Here’s my report of the powder conditions on Thursday from the nice and safe area in the bowl below Bunderitsa 1 lift. I’m using the new Head all mountain skis, (Head Kore). But what an amazing January its been. Loads of happy people and more and more people returning for a shorter trip later in the season. That gives you more to look forward to as you get through the winter.

Absolutely wonderful skis for powder and chop and all mountain versatility. Book Advanced skis for these Head skis and the ability to swap envy day if you wish to the skis that suit your style best. All properly serviced.

Lift queues

Lift queues have been significantly less than last season. Quite a relief. As always I recommend people to come after the 5th March, but best of from 14th March for the good conditions (typically) and queue free gondola lift.

As the days now get longer and longer here due to our southern position, it makes getting up early easier. Keep an eye on the livestream queue cam to time your trip to the gondola. The World Cup 22nd to 24th February will mean an early lift opening time and the Tomba will be closed (along with 7). It will be busy.


Thank you for reading and watching and, as always, join me in the in-app chat for the latest.




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