It’s SNOWING!!: Snow Forecast for the Next Week (it’s looking EPIC)

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Picture taken: 5th January 2019

The snow is tumbling out of the ski and has been doing so for 24 hours. 20cm has fallen. This means that Chalin Valog can now open up and some Nice powder routes through the trees are available for advanced riders and skiers.


Snow forecast for the next week

Picture taken 5th January 2019

More snow Sunday 6th and 7th January. Then the snow kick off again for an epic dump on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th. I’m expecting 30cm+ to fall then. After the the forecast becomes less reliable but I’m expecting more snow on Sunday 13th January. All in all, it’s looking like a very good few weeks.


Recovery Room cryotherapy offer

This was the video of me being chilled to -175C. Quite an experience. You’ll see in the video I was pretty cold!

In the app you can book, at a special discount, regular leg compression recovery treatments. These are really nice and you can even be out on the pavement in the new warm relax area in a giant plastic ball. Nikos and his team are adding a unique experience for Bansko visitors.

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