Bansko Skidoo Safari: It’s What You Really Want

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Skidoo Safari in Bansko

Skidoo (or snowmobiling) is something that many people have asked me about for many years. But somehow I had not found the time to go one for at least 6 years. But, finally, I’ve found something interesting on skidoo for Bansko Blog App users: the Bansko Skidoo Safari. (book activities in-app    or

What’s good about this is that you get an amazing feeling of being away from everything, but the start of the skidoo safari is barely 10 minutes away from the gondola lift traffic lights, at the start off the Damianitsa valley.

We take a break halfway

Peter, our guide, showed the operation of our nice four stroke skidoos. Control is intuitive and the power is felt. But what I liked the most was that I could not work out if I enjoyed driving or being a passenger most. Holding on the back was remarkably good fun.

As my vlog shows we came to the end of the track. We paused and heard virtually nothing; just the faint sound of the stream some 100 metres away. A most beautiful place and one I had not visited in winter before. In the summer I have hiked through this valley and, of course, it was different from the white winter wonderland.

After taking pictures and making angels in the snow, it was time to get back. Our destination was the recovery lounge and -175c and a relax in the plastic bubble.

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NOTE: The skidoo safari should not be confused with the evening trip up the snow road which is offered by the major tour operators.


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