What the FAQ: Answering Your Questions

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FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions) are proving a popular tool for us to help educate visitors to Bansko. Take a read and then message us your question. We answer questions in the regular vlogs on Facebook and YouTube.

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What the FAQ #14: How To Book Your Sofia to Bansko Private Transfer At A 20% Discount  To celebrate the tenth year of Bansko Blog, I am delighted to say we have a 20% discount on all private transfers from Sofia (and Plovdiv) to Bansko (and return).

What The FAQ #13: When Will Bansko Winter Season 2018/19 Start?  It depends if there is early snow and cold temperatures. Then the ski season will start early. UPDATE Snow will fall from 19th November 2018.

What The FAQ #12: How Do I Get A VIP Fast Lane Lift Pass? A Bansko VIP fast lane lift pass, and how to buy one, is a question I am asked several times a day. And for good reason, the lift queues have been long for many of the days so far this ski season.

What The FAQ #11: Where Can I Buy A Ski Pass? This season here on banskoblog.com / app we are not selling lift passes . You can read the article to see where you can buy them.

What The FAQ #10: Where to go for New Year? New Year’s Eve is the most lively evening in Bansko of the year. Read this to get a few options.

What The FAQ #9: What Is The Bansko Mountain Rescue Emergency Number? The Bansko Mountain Rescue Emergency Number is 00359 88 1474. If in doubt, dial 112. There will always be an English speaker on the line.

What The FAQ #8: My Top 11 Venues In Bansko Fellow Bansko gastronauts and drinkers, we’re approaching the ski season; it’s time to take a look at what’s happening in Bansko’s restaurants this year.

What The FAQ #7: Where Should I Eat For Christmas / New Year? You’re coming to Bansko for Christmas and the New Year and you’re wondering where to have Christmas lunch/dinner and New Year’s dinner. Read on for ideas for then and for the rest of the season.

What The FAQ #6: Where Can I Get A Piste Map? One thing you need when you come to Bansko is a piste map. Find out where to get one.

What the FAQ #5: What Do I Need to Pack For Bansko?  It depends if you are flying with a check-in bag or just a cabin bag. What cabin bag should I buy?

What the FAQ? #4: Is it Safe to Drink the Tap Water? Is it Safe to Drink the Tap Water? How does it taste the tap water in Bansko ?

What the FAQ? #3: When Is the Bansko Jazz Festival 2018 The Bansko Jazz Festival 2018 will, once again, be the annual highlight event of summer in Bansko.

What the FAQ? #2: When Will The Winter Ski Season 2017/18 Start And End? 2017/2018 the beginning depends on the temperatures and the snow. A short predictions.

What The FAQ? #1: Taking and Spending Money in Bulgaria Here you can read more about the currency in Bulgaria and where you can exchange money and save up to 13% on rates.


Remember to send us your question in a message or chat with us here and we’ll help you as best we can.



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