Snow Cannon Pumping: Real Snow Arrives Monday

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Keep calm & wait for snow

From this weekend, 17th-18th November, the temperatures are going to be between 5°C  and zero. So the snow cannon are pumping out snow higher up. Snow, of course, is at the heart of a great ski season. The real stuff is best, but with 70% of the slopes covered by artificial snow making it makes Bansko so much more reliable.

Anyhow, the first real snow fall os the ski season is special for me.

I love the moment when the world seems to fall silent when magical snowflakes float down from the heavens, twirling and swirling with such beauty. I can’t help but feel captivated by the scene.


The Beast from the North

There is not just a beast from the East for the UK & Ireland this weekend it is coming for us too here in Bansko. Lower temperatures and light winds from4 to 7km/h.

The ski season opens officially on thew 15th December. The weather forecast shows a little snow Monday but quite a decent dump on Tuesday. 10cm possible higher up.

You know that the weather forecasts are not 100% sure, but I hope that this year’s winter season will be pleasant and amazing experience for all of us.

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