One on One: Gabriella Balleva

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Gabriella Ballena: Joins the BB team

Please join me in welcoming Gabriella Balleva to the Bansko Blog team. Gabriella is well equipped to support your questions. Gabriella is Bulgarian but also has excellent written and spoken English language skills.

Read on to get to know more about Gabriella in my new series of “One on One”.


Gabriella Ballena

One On One With Gabriella

Where are you from? Plovdiv in Bulgaria

How old are you? 21 years

What are you studying at Plovdiv University: Computer Science

What is your favourite colour?  Red

What are your favourite bands? I love Arctic Monkeys, Metallica and Pink

What is your favourite season?  Summer

What do you enjoy doing in my free time?  I film videos for my YouTube channel, I write poetry, and I sing. I am part of a Bulgarian online poetry magazine.

Do you play an instrument? I am learning to play the guitar.

What other things interest you? I love fashion and style. And lots of colour.

What do you recommend foreigners try in Bulgaria? Rakia – definitely

What do you hope to be? front end developer (wikipedia link)

Will you learn to ski or snowboard? I’m looking forward to learning how to snowboard this winter.


Lance: Thank you, that’s great Gabriella. You’re keeping busy and interested in so many varied things. I really appreciate you joining me on “One on One” for our Bansko bloggers and a warm welcome to Bansko Blog.

Gabriella: Thank you, Lance. I’m looking forward to speaking to customers, partners and being part of your blog in its 10 year anniversary year.



Look out for Gabriela here on the blog, in the app and on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as she joins me as a co-host on some of our regular snow, weather and travel vlogs.

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