How to get from Plovdiv to Bansko: 2023 Update

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Getting to Bansko: It’s worth it

Getting from Plovdiv to Bansko including bus, train, private transfer, car rental, taxi and shared transfers are in this comprehensive and up-to date guide. Not only do I list the timetables, and all relevant links, but I offer my views on how to choose the best way for you to travel that most suits your needs.

There are five ways to make the journey from Plovdiv airport to Bansko:

1. take the bus
2. take the train
3. take a private or shared transfer
4. rent a car
5. take a taxi

But first I examine in detail the options on how to get from Plovdiv Airport to Plovdiv Bus Station, if you think the best option for you is to take the bus. This section is also useful for if you’re staying in Plovdiv and getting around there.

By Taxi to Plovdiv Central Bus station

From Plovdiv Airport to Plovdiv Bus station

You should know that there is only one way to get to Plovdiv-by taxi. It’s 14km from the airport to Plovdiv so it will cost you about 20 leva.

Here are some useful taxi numbers:
Elma Taxi032 66 65

Eko taxi032 61 55

Vialet taxi– 032 61 60

Getting from Plovdiv to Bansko

1 By Bus from Plovdiv Central Bus station to Bansko

If you want a cheap way no matter how much time you want to spend travelling, then you can go to from Plovdiv to Bansko by bus or by train. You should go to The Rodopi Bus Station in Plovdiv.

There are two buses to Bansko from Plovdiv.

13:00 and at 14:10.

The travelling time is about 4.5 hours there are no changes. Also Bansko is not the last bus station, so pay attention.

The buses from Bansko to The Plovdiv Bus Station depart every day.

Check for times. As of going to press they are:

06:54, 08:18

2. Take the Train

From Plovdiv to Banko by train

Another cheep way is to take a train. You should go to The Central Railway station in Plovdiv. It is next to the bus station Rodopi.

Here is the train timetable:
07:25, 11:23, 15:13.

Time travelling is about 5.5 hours.
It will cost you ***** Prices out of date please check before travel *****

First class adult:  10,80leva
Second class adult:  8,60leva
First class children:  6,50leva
Second class children:  4,30leva
First class group:  3-6people-9,20leva each
Second class group:  3-6people-7,30leva each
First class group of children:  4,60leva each
Second class group of children:  3,65leva each

This route takes in the highest narrow gauge railway in Eastern Europe. It is a scenic but slow ride. Bring your own food and drink.

3.  Private Transfer

From Plovdiv to Bansko by car

A private transfer is the most popular way from Plovdiv to Bansko. You are on a holiday and you want to spend it properly. You don’t want to think about anything like waiting for others to arrive on another flight (in the case of shared transfers) or be tired by driving yourself.

Private transfer clients start their Bansko trip in a relaxed way. A personal welcome, a quick departure from the airport and a smooth ride to their hotel in Bansko. No stress if your plane is late, no connections and no need to think.

To book a private transfer from Sofia to Bansko then download the Bansko App =>

For Plovdiv transfers contact us.

4.  Rent a car 

Be aware that driving in Bulgaria is very different that the UK, Germany etc but more like Italy. Expect aggressive overtaking and tail gating.


5.  Take a taxi

This could be your only way if you haven’t booked a transfer. Expect to pay a (high) price. If you are booking 24 hours away still book in the Bansko App but call the number you receive on confirmation to confirm you really do require the transfer.

Conclusion and recommendation

If you are travelling alone and are on a tight budget, and you’re not getting in late to Plovdiv, then taking the bus is a good option.

So it’s no surprise that most travellers to Bansko decide to book a private transfer — and not just because it’s great value. It’s more enjoyable, more practical and more time efficient than the other options.

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