Bansko Film Fest 21st to 25th November 2018

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Film Fest Bansko

Bansko Film Fest 2018: Enjoy

The Bansko Mountain Film Fest 2017 comes to town for the 21st to the 25th November 2017. The Pirin mountain range dominates the sky above Bansko. The Rila and Rhodopi in the distance are the icing on the mountain cake. Mountains are the key to the unique and good feeling Bansko gives me and hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

I love mountains. I always have done. Starting from my many years of memorable moments flying above them on my paraglider, riding on my mountain bike and of course skiing on them in the ski season.

The Bansko Film Fest is a mountain lovers’ dream with a huge number of films to watch.

Here’s the link to the full programme over the six days:

The films are being shown both in the main Town Hall and Visitor Information Centre.


Almost every aspect of mountain pursuits are here. From climbing to BASE jumping to kayaking to Polar bears. I recommend the Bansko Film Fest for everyone.

It’s all for free too and BanskoBlog is around to be a media partner once again this year.

Their web site says…” Our goal is showing the great variety of mountains all over the world to the cinema goers. We believe that although they take up only a minute part of our planet’s surface, there is hardly any aspect of our lives left untouched by them…”


If you’re planning on visiting Bulgaria then I believe the mountains should play an essential part of your visit. The Rhodopi are my favourite alongside other Pirin here in Bansko. The Rila and the Balkan Start Planina range are all very special.

The Rila mountains are best visited in the Autumn (like now) when there are much fewer people. Just like Vitosha outside Sofia which has an amazingly varied landscape from its lower parts to a huge pain near its peak. Incredible and accessible too — but little visited by the 2 million people living in and around Sofia.

There is an untouched quality that can be hard to find here.

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