Gondola Lift Queue Cam: HD Livestream in YouTube

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Bansko gondola lift and the queues there receive a lot of attention. So now you can study the gondola lift and the snow and weather from the new live streaming cam here and in YouTube. Be sure to subscribe in YouTube.

It took an incredible amount of effort not only to place the cam there, but ensure fast internet, a new router and finally much playing around to get it all working. But I’m super happy with the quality of the image, and I hope you are too.

New gondola news

I will post her the developments on the issue of a new lift. I am focussing on reporting the facts rather than pushing a particular view.

Trying to get facts is hard — but I’ll do my best working with my friends at the sofiaglobe.com to help me.

Some reading on gondola queue:

What The FAQ #11: Where Can I Buy A Ski Pass?

What The FAQ #12: How Do I Get A VIP Fast Lane Lift Pass?

You will see a queue for the buses (they’re free for lift pass holders). These run from 09:00 to 12:00. Typically, it’s best to get in the queue for the buses if the other queue is long.

Getting in a taxi is best of all 10 lv per person. Well worth it in my opinion.



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