The Fox Bar: Cocktails

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Fox Bar

The Fox is a new venue to Bansko and definitely one to watch. As you walk past Penguin Bar & Dinner away from town there is a hidden gem situated on the left, Fox bar and coffee lounge, a small quirky venue with an exceptional style that you won’t see anywhere else in town.

This is a guest post from Lewis Davies “The Baby Expat” 

They offer a cocktail menu that was created by a famous mixologist Danilele Dalla Pola who uses his Polynesian influence to create great tasting tropical cocktails served in authentic ceramic Tiki tumblers and at only 12lv each, they are definitely a winner for me.

These guys probably produce the best value for money cocktails in Bansko along with great flaring theatrics during their creation. Another draw to the venue is their inclusion of dairy free options on fresh bean coffee’s and hot chocolate which I’m sure will be a winner for anyone following a dairy free lifestyle.

A mix of great drinks and a warm atmosphere make this a new favourite of mine and I highly recommend a visit to this great family run bar.

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