5.1 Earthquake near Bulgaria Border near Radopolis in Greece Shakes Bansko

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Tha Plato, Picture taken 1st January 2018

Earthquake 12 km from Radopolis in Greece is shakes Bansko. Having experienced some three previous earthquakes in Bulgaria I could tell this one was nothing major but, nonetheless, there is always a hint of concern. But this would have felt more of a long shake closer to the epicentre in Greece.

My partner, Vanya, thought it was Tony (our 14 month old baby) kicking in his cot at the bottom of our bed. It was around 06:00 his normal waking time. So what to do than back on the laptop and tell the world of our shake.

No damage has been reported and the skies will clear in Bansko and it’s looking like another excellent day to be going up win the piste. Which is exactly what I will be doing when I’ve had my porridge and got dressed.

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