First Signs Of Winter: Snow and heavy rain expected this weekend

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Snow on the road. Picture taken 30th November 2016

From tomorrow I expect to see a few centimetres of snow on the Pirin and Rila mountains that surround Bansko. Whilst there have been a few light dustings so far this Autumn, I expect we will see some snow on the Predel pass, which is the main route into Bansko that cuts through the gap between the Pirin and Rila mountain ranges.

The Bulgaria government here is warning folks here that we should be putting winter tyres on your vehicle if we intend to drive above 550metres. With Bansko at around 900 metres, I’m sure will see virtually no-one listening to such advice.


Winter tyres

Although not strictly required by law, winter tyres are an essential part of driving around Bansko and Bulgaria. Just like with summer tyres, it is the premium tyre brands that offer the best grip on roads that are wet and/or covered in snow.

I can vouch for my winter tyres getting me through extraordinarily challenging driving conditions over the years. All our transfer partner’s vehicles have winter tyres fitted and put client safety at the centre of the operation.

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