Children’s Language Camp in the Heart of Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria

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LuckyKids go horse riding

With every school holiday parents face a question: “How can children get involved, get off snapchat, how can they play to their heart’s content, how can they learn useful things and at the same time be safe under the care of adults?

Disclosure: This is a press release from Lucky Kids and Lucky Bansko Hotel.

One answer to these questions is here: Sign up for one of the shifts of  Lucky Kids – the English language learning international children’s camp in Bansko. The camp is for children between 5 and 14 years of age whose English level is elementary or intermediate. Only English is used for all activities at the camp – 24 hours a day.

The teachers are from English-speaking countries and have years of experience teaching children in the education systems found on different continents. The animators for the afternoons and evenings are also professional; they are Bulgarians with excellent command of the English language.

At LuckyKids the children have a lot of fun and they are never alone. The activities are under the guidance of teachers, animators and instructors. For each of the ten children there are two person whom are personally responsible — a teacher and an animator. All activities are secured and safeguarded as per international regulations and requirements. During the excursions to the mountain, besides instructors and animators, the groups are also accompanied by a qualified medical person carrying the necessary equipment.

Basecamp is at Lucky Bansko – a five-star hotel. It is here that the children are accommodated on the same floor as the teachers and animators. This ensures ensures their night time security.

At the camp, children will significantly improve their English language skills. Parents will be able to compare progress by their entry and exit tests. In addition, parents will have at their disposal all learning materials as well as a detailed analysis of their child’s progress. There is also the possibility for the child to be accompanied by a parent, another family member or a nanny.  Arrange this with the organisers beforehand.

Entertainment activities at LuckyKidas are numerous. The camp location – in the magnificent Pirin mountain, allows for some activities to be included in which many of the children could be participating for the first time. For example horse riding, mountain biking, paint balling, mountain excursions and hiking and excursions to unique natural and cultural landmarks.

While playing in the mountains the children learn interesting things about what is around them in terms of the rich nature and history of the region. Most would agree that games amongst mountain nature are very healthy, especially for children who live in the city.

The activities in the five star camp base – Lucky Bansko hotel – are just as interesting and educational too. Dinners from the different nationalities, talent contests, a gala evening, cinema evenings, and yoga classes are also held. The cooking classes, the night treasure hunt, the discos and the neon parties are also very entertaining. As is the time spent at the pool during which besides from the professional lifeguard in attendance, the children are overseen by a teacher and an animator.

Teaching during classes at the Bansko language school are also an entertaining element and use the leading methods in pedagogy (wikipedia link). Children are engaged in discussions, projects with specific tasks and presentations. Therefore they take an active interest and participate in the educational process guided by the teacher. In this way, their creative thinking is provoked and the acquired knowledge gains real understanding and is not just rote learned and memorised facts. Your child will therefore remember the knowledge. The material taught includes adaptation of subjects studied at school and social and nature subjects.

Interactive methods used in LuckyKids not only lead to lasting knowledge but they have a varied, and important, additional effect. Children learn how to be able to work in a team, to quickly find their way in new situations and develop social interactions skills.

Shifts at LuckyKids are organised in two ways; seven days and two weeks and for the summer camp they start on June 10 and continue until September 1. There is also a spring camp from April 8 to April 14 2018.

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