Italian cuisine magic has transferred to a charming restaurant in Bansko

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Leonardo Restaurant Bansko, interior

Leonardo Restaurant Bansko

Italian cuisine magic has transferred to a charming restaurant in Bansko. In Bansko you can visit various places to eat. However, there is one restaurant that will charm you with a unique experience all year round. It has been a perennial favourite of mine. It’s called Leonardo’s Restaurant.  You will remember it, recommend it to family and friends and you will start visiting it each time you have the chance to be in Bansko.

Disclosure: Leonardo’s restaurant and Lucky Bansko Bansko Hotel are sponsors of Bansko Blog and this PR article was provided by them.

While you are at 1,000 meters above sea level in the Pirin mountains in Bulgaria, the Leonardo Bansko restaurant will take you, just like magic, to the romance and spirit of Italy and the Mediterranean.

You will find yourself in a cozy, comfortable Italian restaurant and at a luxury beach at the same time. Because this is a complete aqua complex belonging to Apart hotel Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax 5 stars. The resort complex has two external swimming pools – one for adults and the other for children. It is visited by families, groups of friends and company teams who come for teambuilding and they all have a wonderful time.

The restaurant works year round. There are fifty seats and the food and amazing conditions in it are often the reason for organising celebrations of both personal and company events.

In this restaurant you will experience a fascinating culinary adventure as if you were on a gastronomic tour around the different Italian regions. As is well known, the national Italian cuisine is a collection of specific regional dishes prepared for centuries according to a strictly defined tradition.

The recipes from which the food in Leonardo Bansko is prepared are entirely authentic, from the national Italian cuisine. The produce and the spices used are only genuine Italian ones, supplied by Italian producers who have proven themselves unquestionably on the market.

In addition to enjoying the taste of Italian food, if you wish, you will be able to see live how it is prepared. There is also a show cooking area for the visitors: The culinary magic of this extremely delicious food is made in front of the guests’ eyes.

The menu is highly varied – splendid salads, various kinds of soups, dishes, appetizers, pizzas, pasta freshly prepared in the kitchen, risotto, Josper grilled dishes, desserts.

The dishes offered are beef, lamb, chicken and Mediterranean fish delicacies based. Some of the dishes could sound to the Bulgarian guests as exotic and a little weird but once you’ve tried them you will discover their excellent taste.

By the way, the sensation of the Mediterranean conquers you with entering the restaurant: Lots of green, lots of light, spaciousness, pleasant scents, soothing colors, appropriate and discreet background music, comfortable chairs and tables.

There’s nothing more to be desired from the service – it’s perfect. One feels that waiters are watching from somewhere and appear just when one wants them – either to advise on choosing something from the menu or to order or something else.

The secret is that the staff goes through a specialized training with psychologist in order to be able to read the clients’ behavior. This helps the employees to be constantly and at the same time near the guests and to really appear when they are needed.

All this is right next to the two outdoor pools – they are “glued” to the restaurant so it has a direct view of them. One can lie down on the lounges with tables next to the water and order food, cocktails or chilled wine from the restaurant.

The lounges are comfortable and beautiful with generous use of teak wood, and there are luxurious tents. The sound is contemporary; the pleasant music is also heard under the water which is a unique experience. Of course, water is constantly heated and there is a life-guard.

The pool for children up to six years old has a water slide and there is always great fun in it. This way parents can always keep an eye on the children while relaxing in the adjacent pool or think of all sorts of water games with the children.

Pools in the Aqua complex open in mid-June and work until mid-September non-stop during the week. There is a 50% discount after 4 p.m. during the work days.

In short, a restaurant in Bansko, however a surprisingly different one, with the spirit of Italy and the breath of the Mediterranean.

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