Detoxification and anti-stress clinic at 1,000 meters above sea level

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LuckyFit group out hiking in the Pirin

Detoxification and anti-stress clinic at 1,000 meters above sea level. Many people struggle to lose weight by tormenting themselves with starvation and diets. This usually increases stress for the body both psychologically and physiologically. And stress in our everyday lives is already high. To a significant extent, it is one of the reasons for gaining weight.

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Thus the effect is zero and even harmful, later on you gain weight again and this alternating of losing and gaining weight leads to disturbance of the metabolism and accumulation of toxins in the body. After all that effort you need to slim and detox again.

But there is a way for losing weight to be a pleasure, with nice food and entertainment. In this way, up to six percent of weight can be lost per week and up to eight percent in two weeks. And if the rhythm is kept going for a year you can take up to 30 percent off your weight.

Basically, it means getting to your desired kilogram target and keeping that weight permanently, without torment. This also provides a healthy anti-stress effect and a stable detoxification of the body.

It can be done with LuckyFit’s programs: a specialised clinic in Bansko for weight loss, stress management and cleansing of the toxins in the body. There are five programs and the base one being LuckyFit Standard.

Depending on the participants’ wishes, specialists can include additional procedures to enhance muscle relaxation, cosmetic effects, and so on. There is also a weekend program where the participants will fully recover after the week’s tension and will also be able to get acquainted with the other packages and join them.

The Anti-stress program is more specific, although it is also based on LuckyFit Standard. The anti-stress program is also suitable for people whose weight is within the normal ranges but that want to get rid of everyday stress with a varied, relaxing break.

This break is luxurious – all programs use the facilities of the Lucky Bansko five star hotel: luxury studios for accommodation with TV, internet, telephone, etc .; a fitness center, a state-of-the-art spa center with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, outdoor pools, luxury hotel restaurants and many more.

Weight loss, anti-stress effect and detox are obtained under medical supervision through a balanced menu of specialists and entertainment through activities such as dancing, horse riding, fitness, yoga, selected exercises from Tae-Bo, Pilates, Callanetics and others.

Apart from the unique programs, the clinic has a great advantage, its location at 1,000 meters above sea level at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. This allows for the inclusion in the medical activities, according to the possibilities of each participant. Activities such as outings, walks and hikes amidst the unique mountain nature help ensure your program will deliver the results you seek.

During the excursions into the mountain, you will experience varied terrain, slopes, surfaces, time and intensity of the hikes. They are alternated on purpose by your professional guide. Even the longest hiking time passes imperceptibly as the unique scenic views of Pirin absorb your thoughts.

Nature itself here has a relaxing effect. Being entranced by this wonderful world, one forgets busy everyday life and you shake off tension. It’s not long before you feel emotionally and positively refreshed for long after your clinic.

At the same time, the thought out and planned walking routes in the nature aim to consistently load and develop all muscles, not to lose muscle mass during weight loss and to improve your physical endurance. The duration and intensity of the rest of the activities are combined for optimal weight loss and muscle mass.

Using up energy combined with balanced nutrition, in addition to weight loss, also leads to a detox of the body. The toxins accumulated by unhealthy food and bad eating habits are discarded. So often we eat at irregular times of the day, standing up meal or we grab convenience floss and eat in front of the computer. The temptation and opportunity for overeating are many.

This is the other valuable thing of LuckyFit’s programs – they also give a model of healthy food and how to change bad eating habits making the effects permanent.

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