Tomahawk SteakHouse Restaurant: Open for Summer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Tomahawk Steakhouse - Summer day's in the garden

The Bansko summer season is now in full swing and it’s time to take a look at Tomahawk SteakHouse which is now open for the summer season. I’m always being asked for my favourite places, so now its mid summer I’m going to be publishing a series of articles here of a few places that are open for the summer and that offer the discerning foodie something different.

But first when I’m asked, where do I recommend for eating? — my answer usually depends on “it depends”. We all want different things at different times so I need to know more about what you like and the time of day. The “it depends” also comes up in most FAQ’s — more blogs on this here soon.

For food, it’s so much to do about the context of how and we feel like at any particular time.

So one particular restaurant maybe good for you today and not for tomorrow. I like to try different places. I follow recommendations, but I am always skeptical of claims of great cooking. In short, I am not easily pleased. That said, it is about the context and I am happy to be sitting in a simple cafe and some “mandja” (guvech, moussaka, stuffed peppers etc) for a lunch with friends.

But then I also have my regular venues I go to for things I really crave. For example a steak. Tomahawk steakhouse this last winter because a firm favourite. It is one of those places that fits satiates the steak cravings.

Disclosure: Tomahawk is a sponsor of bansko blog and bansko app. Bear this in mind. But also be assured that I never recommend anything I do not enjoy myself.

For breakfast, for lunch or for dinner I find it pleasant to be able to sit down in a pleasant garden and have a chat with Dobrin and Elizabeth — the owners of Tomahawk Steak house. If it’s daytime I’ll probably be out pushing Tony, our baby boy who’s nearly one now.

Like most restaurants in Bansko, families are made to feel welcome. So, time allowing, Tomahawk is the sort of place I can take my time and geek out on food with Dobrin. Friends often join us for a late lunch a appreciate the friendly service and choose from the twenty one different high quality steaks that range from rib eye, fillet, sirloin and imported from UK, US and elsewhere.

For breakfast proper bacon and sausages will make for a hearty start to set you and the family up for a day on the Pirin mountain range.

Finally I must add that properly aged beef is exactly what you find at Tomahawk. But you’ll also find fish and tasty starters and salads. It will all be cooked to your liking and you’ll be happy with Dobrin’s recommendations. It may well become the place that you’ll want to return to again before you leave Bansko.

The sign says it all

Negatives, none that come to mind. It is easy to find just 200 metres past the lights second right by the supermarket. You’ll see Smokey Mountain Bar and Grill on your right. Look for signs for the Astera Hotel. It’s in part of their complex there (it’s located in the old Tamplier building; long time Bansko visitors will remember).

You’ll also find direction in the Bansko App (iOS and Android) it’s free to download. Your feedback is welcome.



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