DUMP 2017: The Big One Is Coming

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Picture taken 4th March 2017: ski school meeting point

The Bansko ski season has entered the phase I love the most, it called March. Almost every year, that I can remember, this is the month with some of the biggest dumps of snow happen. And it looks like 2017 is looking like no exception; but it come with a dose of snow anxiety due to higher temperatures that will mean rain lower down:

Watch my video snow report from today below for snow report and snow forecast:

From Monday, until Friday 10th March, there will be be precipitation. But it is Wednesday when we’ll see the most snow fall. As I mentioned, the news is not necessarily all good because temperatures are a still looking a little too high. Snow will fall as rain lower down, the height of the rain fall (i.e. the freezing level) is still not certain.

UPDATE 7th March: Even lower temperatures and a load more snow 30cm+ will fall the week commencing 13th March. So I’m even more confident of a really good March. Too soon to comment on April. Here is latest snow report:

There will be damage to the snow road because of rain. My main hope is that it will be snow from Buderishka Poliana (the area at the top of the gondola lift) and higher.

As always, temperatures drop in the evening and we’ll see things becoming more exciting in terms of snow falling (rather than rain) as the evening progresses.

Picture taken 4th March 2017: Plato

In any event I’ll aim to be back up the mountain to being you a live report on Facebook/BanskoBlog.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping a close eye on temperatures and the live cams. It could well be the time to book another trip and enjoy some of the best conditions of the season so far.

If you are thinking of coming we have some very special rates at a 5 star hotel at €55 per night including breakfast and dinner. We have very limited availability so please be quick. If you’re looking at travelling alone, then you will not be skiing alone as from the 19th February to 26th February we have a week of bring together people and enjoying the hill together.

We’ll also be exploring the Bansko cuisine including some of my Top 10 favourite restaurants.

I hope to see you here. The season is expected to officially close on the 17th April 2017. This is subject to change due to snow cover.


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