DUMP 2017: Epic Conditions with 80cm of Fresh Snow

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Picture taken: 9th March 2017

It’s so nice when March delivers unto us the dump when we needed it most. Today was epic and yesterday, despite the fog at times, was a 9/10. The surreal floaty conditions and the fresh snow created an air cushion of joy between your skis, or your snowboard, and the harder piste bashed piste below it. Read on for the snow forecast.

But yesterday, today and tomorrow were those days you hear great whoops of joy. Euphoric times.

Here is a full two snow reports put together. Firstly on piste 5 and then at Shiligarnika with Mira where we chat about the season where ewe like and what we don’t like too.

But the snow is the star and that’s the way to should be.


Snow Forecast

Temperatures are dropping now and  it’s still snowing as I type this Friday evening. Another 20 cm will fall between now and tomorrow (11th March) evening.

Then light snow on Sunday and Monday as temperature drops to -4C in town over night. Whilst too far to be accurate, I think there could be another front coming over for the 19th March.

It’s going to have been an 80cm+ week of fresh snow.



It’s been a busy season and I really hope you have enjoyed your trip here in Bansko. If you decide to come and take advantage of the wonderful snow, then I don’t blame you. If you do decide to come, then I recommend you read the reviews on Bansko Blog’s Facebook page and then book you discounted ski hire, snowboard hire, lessons, lift passes and transfers here:


Talking of reviews, I see so many businesses scam TripAdviser reviews. It’s dead easy to do. There are so many companies that will offer to do it for you; just for a small fee.

But I find Facebook has an honesty and transparency about it that makes it much harder for realistic fake reviews to be posted. That’s why I opened up Facebook Page reviews. And kindly ask you dear ready to put your review there or drop me an email: lance@banskoblog.com on any aspect of there blog and the app.

Talking of which, I’m no oracle so I love the in-app chat for its uncensored views and honesty. Super tips for all.


Food – Perfect Steak

Picture taken 9th March 2017 at Tomahawk Steakhouse

Last night I was treated to share a huge, succulent and sublimely tasty T bone steak at Tomahawk restaurant. I was hungry after the skiing and this was irresistible. Tomahawk are blog sponsored but I really highly recommended their food.

Tomahawk is located at the Astera Hotel just past Smokey Mountain Bar and Grill.


Party hard: Amigos rocks

Picture taken: past midnight on 10th March 2017

Last night I visited Amigos t see Step By Step. As always the most amazing evening. From Hendrix, Queen, AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses, Joan and The Jest to well just about every rock classic.

Breathtakingly fabulous performances from Aleko and the crewe.




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