Snowboard World Cup 2017: Success

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Snowboard World Cup before it started

The FIS World Snowboard Cup is now over. Those that went to watch it confirmed it created a wonderful atmosphere. Bulgaria’s snowboard superstar Radoslav Yankov made all Bulgarians proud by securing the much anticipated win in front of a vocal crowd of supporters in the stadium. The full report is here:

I am disappointed I did not have time to report on it, interview some of the sports people and the organisers. I had prepared the questions. I was hoping to produce some great content. However, time worked against me. You can’t do everything in life and priorities are to ensure the Bansko App ( gets it’s bug squashed and the core goal of the blog remaining a intact.

The course looked fantastic, and the weather, until today, was generally good.


Men’s and Ladies parallel grand slalom results

Ladies results are here:

Men’s results here:


World Cup events do add pressure on any ski resort, but here in Bansko the Turkish and Bulgaria holidays collided to create busy slopes. Made more busy die to the event.


Snow forecast

The Tomba will be back open tomorrow. Rain will continue to be a problem, but the freezing level will drop and the snow will fall lower down by Friday. By Saturday 11th February things are set for an impressive ski week.





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