Dump Alert 2017: It’s Snowing

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Picture taken: 4th January 2017 from 180 bar

We’ve been waiting for this moment in Bansko for a good week now. And it’s finally here, Bansko Dump 2017. Starting last night around 10cm of snow had fallen at the top of Shiligarnika 1 lift. Click play for John’s snow report. He was the first to be up there to bring you these great pictures.

More coming here soon on the snow fall and the ski conditions.

Snow forecast

I expect the snow to continue fall through till Friday. Over this period at least 80cm to 1 metre of snow will fall. It is too early to be sure of exact amounts.


Lift Queue tip of the day

There was no gondola lift queue for John. He got there at 08:04. However there was soon a queue. Another friend, Richard, got to the gondola ay 09:15. He used the regular tip I give readers; use the free bus. There was a queue of the bus — it was thirty minutes. But less than the lift of 45 minutes.

You can read more tips on when to come to Bansko based on when the school holidays are for the countries that come here as well as events in 2017 by clicking here.

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