DUMP 2017: Piste Perfection

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Picture taken 8th January 2017

Whilst the rest of Bulgaria is moaning about the cold and children not going to school because of the cold I can honestly say “what’s the problem?”. Really up at 2,700 meters is was not that cold. The sun was out and everyone was super happy on the pistes.

Maybe the answer to the snow and low temperatures story is to just get out there and enjoy what nature throws at us. Probably easier for me to say this than for most people trying to go about their daily business.

But this is my blog and I’m in Bansko. My task today was to meet Chris Wing and his work buddies. A regular work trip, these guys know how to enjoy themselves. Here is the result.

Up the mountain still no Plato open, but I think by Saturday it will be after the fresh snow that will fall this week. I also see the “Zorba balling” course is being set up outside the Kempinski Hotel. This will be a lot of fun.

Picture taken 8th January 2017

For me the main dangers are the pavements which are still mainly not done in the main gondola lift area. But really there was very little to complain bout today. There was about a five minute queue this morning at 09:50. It was probably busier later.

If you are thinking of a ski trip or a break somewhere different, then I would say come to Bansko.


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