DUMP 2017: Happy Mira

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Picture taken 10th January 2017.

The snow fell heavily on Monday night and so DUMP 2017 continues. Just as it will for at least another week. Mira features in today’s snow report. Mira is the happy girl on reception at skimania, my exclusive ski hire and lesson partners in Bansko.

Last season Mira started to learn to snowboard and my hope was she would come back for this season to work. But, in the meantime, she went to Bristol in the UK. She was loving so many things about the UK and I did not blame her for that. It seemed that Bulgaria had lost another brain to another country.

So when I was in the UK in the Autumn, I went to Bristol to try and persuade her to come back to Bansko. The reason was that she did such a great job last ski season working for skimania. To my surprise, she did decide to come back, quite at the last moment. I know those of you who were clients last season will share my happiness.

Picture taken 10th January 2017

I appreciate it can sound a little fake when you hear or read stuff about customer service. But I mean it. Striving to provide the best customer satisfaction in Bansko is why this blog started and why I ultimately changed my career from banking and finance. And satisfaction is the reason why clients come back and book their ski packages here.

So I grabbed Mira on her morning off to talk about the conditions. The video above is an extract from the Facebook live video.


Snow forecast

The snow conditions are superb. The ski conditions are superb. We just wait for the plato to open soon.

Picture taken 10th January 2017.

As I type, the snow is falling from the skies. This series of articles “DUMP 2017” is to record the incredible snowfall this season because I had a feeling the weather pattern of cold northerly air was lining up to be provide a special winter ski season.

The next big snowfall is Saturday. And this dump of snow will be around 30cm. Temperatures slightly less cold of late around -7C

In conclusion booking your ski trip to Bansko today makes sense. We have at least two weeks of epic ski conditions guaranteed. And if you’re a larger group of friends or families, then drop me an email. I’ll point you in the right direction for accommodation for all major price categories. All you need is your flight from Ryanair, EasyJet, Jet2, BA, Bulgaria Air, Wizz Air, Lufthansa etc etc. and the rest is simple and quick to organise.

In the meantime, if you’re planning on coming to Bansko I suggest you click here and book our discounted lift passes, ski hire, snowboard hire, group lessons, private lessons and transfers. Lessons are nearly full for February so please do not delay if you are planning a trip then.

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