DUMP 2017: Cold but Good

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Picture taken 7th January 2017

There’s no denying the facts, it was cold today. But after a few warm up runs it was time to take Todorka fast six person lift. And, yes, this was the moment I had been waiting for — soft and forgiving snow.

The snow was little chopped up in places later, but very nice. The cold on the face not really hurting or was that I was so pleased to be out after so many days on the computer.

An impromptu meet up with James Hughes of the Avalon hotel and his family and friends meant that we grew from two to seven people. This is what I like about Bansko, you meet people, you join up and have a ski together.

Picture taken 7th January 2017

And sometimes I find new and interesting content from people who come on the videos. Here Dillon, James’s son took a shine to the the camera and provides the sort of live spontaneous chat that I enjoy helping to produce.

More snow coming next week — still low temperatures. But with the pellet burner in our flat firing out serious heat, I’m happy that everyone, including our baby, is warm.

So it’s a good night from me, and an early night, for once. I need to be up early and meet some people who want to do a snow report. As I enjoy meeting others this should be a fun day for me.


Weather forecast

Picture taken 7th January 2017 -- Tomba

More snow arrives in Bansko next week. I would estimate that we will see around 60cm+ fall over the next seven days. In the meantime, if you’re planning on coming to Bansko I suggest you click here and book our discounted lift passes, ski hire, snowboard hire, group lessons, private lessons and transfers. Lessons are nearly full for February so please do not delay if you are planning a trip then.

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