Tomahawk Steak House Review

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A Venison Steak at the Tomahawk

I felt a good deal of curiosity as entered the new Tomahawk Steak House located in the Astera hotel building. I had met the owner, Dobrin, at Smoky Mountain Bar and Grill which is located just 30 metres away. Dobrin may be well known to long time regulars to Bansko from the Perun Steak house, a restaurant that was showed excellent Trip Advisor’s ratings.

NOTE: This is a sponsored article. But regular readers will know I never recommend anything I do not enjoy.

Kyopoolu (aubergine and pepper mixed together) and Lyutenitsa

After settling in on a table with a view of the garden and its festive lighting we looked around the room and started to relax as the warming glow of the open fire gave us that we’re out for the night feeling. With my good friend Vanya, we settle into a starter of dips. Bread with Kyopoolu (aubergine and pepper mixed together) and Lyutenitsa (tomatoes and peppers mixed together). Whilst we were offered wine, we were in a beer mood, but a glance at the list of wines showed plenty of wine promise there.



Steak is the theme here but there are many different cuts from fillet to T bone, Irish beef to strip steak and more. There is also lamb and rabbit. But Dobrin recommended the venison steak and, for Vanya, the filet steak with a Mexican sauce and roasted mixed vegetables.

Filet Steak with Mexican sauce at the Steak House Tomahawk, Bansko

The venison steak came with a cranberry sauce and rice. You may not be sure if you’re going to like venison; but I guarantee that you will. This version was incredibly succulent, cooked medium and the sauce are berries Dobin and his wife had picked earlier in the year and frozen. In short, this is proper home made food, cooked with love.

It became clear that Dobrin and his girlfriend cook share a passion for searching out on the Pirin mountains what nature grows wild. A topic we discussed after the meal — along with the different types of bear found in the Pirin and Rila versus the Rhodopi and The Stars Planina mountains.

Back to the food and Vanya allowed me to taste her steak. It had a deep flavour that held the spicy Mexican sauce rather well. There was a choice of sauces including pepper and garlic.



Fine 17 year old brandy from Black Sea Gold: Dobrin's choice.

Dobrin has a passion for aged brandies and we were fortunate enough to have the 17 year old Black Sea Gold brandy. Snooth and warming. This would give a premium French brandy a run for its money.

Served over a warming glass this was a drink I was surprised I like so much. Then he insisted he tried a new premium whisky from Jack Daniels. I was impressed as I tend to not be a whisky drinker but on cold winter evenings it seemed the right thing to be having. Smiles all round as the conversation flowed from sex: “putting ice in whisky is like mixing sex and love!” and referencing those bears in the Pirin “they are much more docile than the Rhodopi bears.” How we laughed.

Extra aged Jack Daniels; no need for ice.



Tomahawk Steak House is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in Bansko. They plan to open all season at a time when venues in this new area of Bansko are much more limited in the summer season. There’s an attractive garden outside. I think that the upgrades to the interior will help secure this restaurant as a reliable regular eating place. Our server was totally professional, friendly and attentive.

We left Tomahawk Steak House not only very satisfied with the dinner, but also with happy to have spent two hours with Dobrin. He is one of those people you meet and the leave feeling wiser. A most agreeable host and a new restaurant I am extremely happy to recommend.


Contact and location of Tomohawk Steak House

Reservations: +359 87 866 5111

Astera hotel.


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