Loving Bulgarian Wine At DiVino: In Pictures And Podcast

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Tasting wine at DiVino is a huge pleasure for me and something look forward to like a child looks forward to Christmas. After my recent review of the places for wine lovers to visit in Plovdiv, I was excited to review some of the star wines of the DiVino show 2016 with Mitko Nikolov from apollowine.com.

Over the three days the show with 77 exhibitors was attended by an estimated 9,000 people. New takes on wines made from indigenous grapes are especially noteworthy this year. Single varietals such as Mavrud, Rubin, Dimyat, Melnik, Tamiyanka and others are really shining now. New wines from international favourite single varieties, such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Misket and so on continue to reach new levels.

It’s never been a better time to drink wine in Bulgaria. It’s never been a better time to come and discover wine here. Grab a cheap flight and go discover. So here are a selection of photographs of the wines and the hardworking exhibitors.

Winemakers and producers sharing a passion for wine. All pictures were taken using the impressive camera in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Medi Valley

Rossidi wines producing one of the few Pinot Noir from Bulgaria that I enjoyed. Impressive stuff. New Chardonnay looks promising and the Gerwurtstraminer is always excellent.

Rossidi magnums: Cool label art from Rossidi owner Eduard Kourian

More pouring and a brief break in the tasting to take some more pictures on the Minkov Brothers stand. Why is it that as the afternoon turns to night time there are more and more smiles?

Photographe from Minkov Brothers: literally!

and their superb Cabernet Franc: Now in my top Cab Franc’s I’ve ever tried.

Another relatively new producer hitting the spot

Ivo Varbonov will change your mind about Bulgarian Chardonnay. I recommend the show not just for finding your favourite wines, but also the way that you can talk to the wine makers. How long in are French oak (or Bulgaria oak) barrels. Exactly which region the grapes were grown on and loads more. Geeking out on wine was not only fun but sociable.

Ivo Varbanov: A legendary wine maker (great Chardonnay)

In Bansko and you’re looking for a nice excursion, then go to Melnik it’s about one hour and fifteen minutes by car. Orbelus are doing a great job with their new wines. All organic wine too and nice folks there too.

Orbelus wines: Visit the winery near Melnik


Snow update

It is about to turn colder and snow could arrive Sunday and Monday. However, the low temperatures will enable snow making to continue from now on. Pepare for the official start of the season on 17th December 2016.


Wine in Bansko

You can order your wine from apollowine.com and get free delivery to Bansko. A glass of something before going out is an essential part of a winning ski vacation — it’s now easy to enjoy something from Bulgaria special too.

Wine and Beer

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