Is Bansko expensive? The Post Office ski resort survey 2016

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Above top station

Todorka ridge abive Bansko. March sunshine.

Bansko wins the award for the seventh time in the postoffice survey of ski resorts (see survey). I always take these surveys with a pinch of salt, but at least the report points out the size of the cost differential.

This year the US resorts are looking over four times more expensive than Bulgaria and up 25% due to the depreciation of the pound (and the euro) against the dollar and lift pass price rises. Banff, in Canada, is reported to be the cheapest of the North American resorts.

Many of the other European resorts are double the price. But the reality is none of these surveys take into account what really matters; namely having a great time. You’ll see that low price does not mean low quality.

For example, and please excuse the shameless plug here, the ski services I offer here are as good or better than I had when I was visiting France, Austria etc. For example, our shuttle airport transfers from €13.95 per person up to €19.95 per person (bookable in my free Bansko App) are in modern vehicles, friendly drivers and everyone receives a free piste map cloth. Super useful when its wet.

All this is in my totally biased opinion — full disclosure. Check prices using the pricing and booking tool above.


Bansko increases its value for money lead

In position number two, out of 20 European resorts surveyed, is Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, where prices are up 20 per cent on last season.

According to the Post Office report, in third place is World-class Sestriere, which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. It is now five per cent more expensive than Kranjska Gora as a result of an 11 per cent local fall in the cost of ski passes, equipment and tuition.

Italy is by far the cheapest of the ‘Big Four’ ski destinations – which also include Austria, France and Switzerland. This is because local prices have either fallen or stayed level with 2015 in the four Italian resorts surveyed, minimising the impact of the weaker pound.
Stirling’s continued weakness

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Claw back stirling’s loss. Could Bitcoin be the solution?

Of course I do not recommend you invest in, or indeed hold, Bitcoin for long — there are risks and currency can be very volatile — although since July much less so than the UK pound! However, I buy all my Amazon orders using this link and I save 15%+. NOTW: This is my affiliate link and helps this blog whilst costing you nothing. Bitcoin is totally legal and is too.

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