Bansko Bohemi Festival 3rd to 4th September

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Bansko Bohemi Balkan Festival 2016 is back for the second year. Bansko’s main square on the 3rd and 4th September will be filled with a special style of music.

There is an interesting fusion of modern instruments with Balkan music. It’s a style of music that’s played throughout the region that includes Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Renowned Serbian trumpeter Kristijan Azirović and his orchestra are much looked forward to as is Bosnian songwriter and composer Edin  Dervišhalidović, better known as Dino Merlin. Also be sure to see Magnifico, a Slovenian musician of Serbian descent.

There will regional food and wine to taste around the main square.


Interview with festival organiser, Ivailo Dachov

Ivailo Dachov of Bohemi Entertainment Ltd are organising the Bohemi Balkan Festival in Bansko. I interviewed Ivailo on his vision of  developing this festival, and the Bansko Beat Festival earlier in the summer, with the support of Bansko Municipality

We also discuss balkan folklore style of music for the Bohemi Balkan Festival on 26th and 27th June as well as Bansko Beat on the 10th and 11th July. These events have been arranged by Ivo and his team at Bohemia Entertainment.*Bulgaria Now Podcast is the radio show (well… it’s my podcast series since 2014) produced here in Bulgaria.

Go to the podcast page. Topics from Bansko to Bitcoin, from wine and beer to living, entrepreneurship and setting up a business. Plus Bulgaria news powered by the Sofia Globe.

Tips for living and travelling in Bulgaria in general are frequently offered by my guests.

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Take a listen to this podcast where my guests, Ian Gardener and Alex Eftimov discuss things to do in Bansko. There’s still plenty of summer left her win Bansko.




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