My Favourite Places To Visit In Bulgaria

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So many people I meet in Bansko are here for a few days in the summer. Visiting just Bansko would be like visiting London and only seeing Buckingham Palace. There is so much more.

Every year I receive emails asking for tips on an itinerary that will satisfy the family travelling to Bulgaria. I offer something that has rural and city interest. Of course I mention Bansko as part of that tour. But I’m fortunate in the respect that I love travelling around Bulgaria to experience the diversity this country offers.

To ensure I got a spectrum of opinion, I invited some regular co-hosts to talk about the their summer plans. So with beer in hand Rebecca, Philip, Eric and I tried to answer the eternal question, “Where should I travel to in Bulgaria this summer?”

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The second podcast episode, see below, I have more guests, both Bulgarian and English, to share their favourite places. This episode number 70 has top tips if you fancy traveling to Serbia.


What are my favourite places in Bulgaria

It depends on the time of year — so I’ll give you a few places. In winter, its Bansko for me.

Of course.

And especially I look forward to the late season from mid March to early April. This is the best time for off piste, as well as on piste, skiing. The Bansko apres ski scene includes fun party times at the venues with live bands.

Spring Summer and Autumn sees plenty of sunshine and therefore the thermals rising on the Stara Planina mountain range above Sopot, near Karlovo. The chair lift there takes 24 minutes to the take off makes. This my favourite place for my paragliding.  At the landing field there is a wonderful brand new swimming pool and restaurant. But the monastery and fields around have trees making for a perfect picnic place whilst watching the paragliders land.

The dramatic Pirin mountain range, above Bansko, transforms itself in the summer and takes on a special calm quality from July to late October. My favourite place for hiking. Search for more hiking articles here on Jazz Festival week, 6th to 13th August is my favourite week in Bansko, when it really comes alive.

I also spend a lot of time in Plovdiv. A city that has a vibe that makes me want to spend more and more time there. I also regularly go to the Rhodpoi mountains nearby. There is a village called Dobristan, just up from there is the place to fly northerly breezes. The views from there are spectacular.

Talking of views, Vitosha mountain is a favourite place when I’m in Sofia. Again for flying, but I enjoy a good walk. In Sofia I enjoy people watching down Vitosha Street and then satisfying my sushi and sashimi cravings at one of the many restaurants wraps up a good city day for me.

On the Black Sea coast, Sozopol is the place I visit when the seaside calls. Best in September when the crowds are gone.

You’ll hear me talk about the Seven Rila Lakes, Melnik and also Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa and more places. Hire a car (and do please consider using the Bansko App for a great deal on car hire) and get away to be of the most interesting places in Europe.


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