Getting Colder Snow Arriving Soon

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Picture taken 6th March 2016

Weather, oh weather. It is so complex and changeable and difficult to predict reliably that it can frustrate. Here’s the thing, weather can only be forecast with 85% probability of being correct for THREE days ahead, yes 3 days!

All these apps, including my own in-app weather widget, are based off algorithms that and computers processing petabytes of data a day. Even with all we know about weather, and all the computing power in the world, when we get to 5 days ahead accuracy drops to 65% probability.

Snow forecast

So that was a long way of saying that it did not get cold like I thought it would. However, this time it really is looking good from Wednesday, when we’ll see colder temperatures. Snow making taking will resume. See snow and après ski report from the 6th March above.

The snow road right now is really not usable, so take the gondola lift down. This will change by this time next week. Snow will fall tonight and especially hard on Wednesday 9th.

If you’re coming for The Horizon Festival you still have time to book your discounted 6 day lift pass and ski / snowboard hire / lessons (from 1+ days).

Click on the colourful writing below…

Just THREE days notice required for lift pass orders, 24 hours for ski hire.

Snow forecast -- looking very good for Horizon festival week

The snow really is coming and it’s looking like significant dumps of the white stuff at the weekend and all through next week.

However, I have a concern that the higher temperatures right now mean rain, this will have an impact for a few days and will mean a closed snow road. But check out latest lift opening in the App.. iOS Android

It’s a free download.

I think it will be a case of “keeping the faith” and waiting a few days for the cold air to arrive.

Temperatures are so important for snow. Obvious, I know — but here in Bansko with 70% of the pistes covered by snow cannon, -1 C means really good snow news. Snow cannon along with great piste preparation have combined to delver some surprisingly excellent conditions.

As always, snowboarders enjoy the softer conditions later on in the day — say, 11:30 — and skiers prefer the less broken up snow early morning. This is why you may read conflicting views off the snow on the same day in the in-app chat.

Après Ski

Happy End

Happy End happy our at 3.30pm till 4.30 pm (2 beers for 6 leva) is great — good live band too.

I tried the Irish Harp cheese burger. In a word very good. Probably best quality of meat — if I’m being picky I would like to see a brioche bun and more interesting chips and a coleslaw side dish for the price.

But I would happily eat another. The salad was very good and the music from The Lizard was good as always. Keg London Pride completes the picture there.


Ski hire, lessons, lift passes and transfers

Your one stop shop is here. Save money, save hassle. Loads of great testimonials here (see You Say) or in the in-app chat.

Snow road 6th March


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