Easter Skiing Snow And Après Ski Forecast

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Piste heaven: Picture taken 19th March 2016

Bansko for Western Easter (rather than Eastern Orthodox Easter (see this wikipedia linkis nearly upon us. But before I talk about the forecast, I can report that the last two weeks snow conditions have been tremendous.

Alex and Anita: Piste heaven: Picture taken 19th March 2016

Fresh snowfalls meant great of piste days and cooler temperature and sunshine lead to especially enjoyable days on the piste.

As usual, fewer people meant that the pistes remained in great condition. Yesterday there was just a little slushiness around 2.30pm ish.

This was only a little issue for skiers. Snowboarders ride the softer snow better than skiers.

I will repeat my mantra that coming to Bansko from the 5th March onwards is almost always a great option. Longer days and fresh snow are the rewards of this time of the ski season. But I know you know this.

Piste heaven: Picture taken 19th March 2016

Snow forecast

Here is the last snow report from the pistes above Bansko:

Looking ahead, the warm air for today (22nd March) is moist and there will be some rain later. Today snow went soft and some high winds made it a less good day. Similar conditions for Wednesday 23rd. But the good news colder air arrives and the rain will fall as snow, at Banderishka Polinana level, and it will be significant. I hope the rain does not damage the snow cover too much.

By Friday 15th March, the temperatures will have falled to a below zero degrees. This will ensure very good conditions for Sunday 27th and Monday 28th. There will be some nice powder to explore too.

From then on in the Easter ski week, it is likely there will be regular snow showers higher up. Temperatures will increase but not will not be abnormally high. Assuming over night temperatures fall, the snow will be be preserved so that the Easter week will see good conditions.

As to be expected, the snow will turn softer in the afternoon.

Après ski

Piste heaven: Picture taken 19th March 2016

Penguins and Amigos is now closed. I am hoping Euphoria will stay open for the Easter week, I’ll post news on Facebook page on that. Smokey Mountain, Victoria, The Log House and The House will remain open, as will many other traditional mehamas.

Sushi and teppanyaki at the Kempinski is always a nice especial treat.

The incredible rock ‘n roll band, Step By Step have finished their nightly gigs at Amigos. I caught up with them before their last gig on Saturday 19th March and posted an extract of Sweet Child ‘O Mine at the end of the interview below.

Jasmin, Valentin and Alexander and the other other band members performed blistering sets every single night of the season from the 26th December.

A truly amazing achievement.

I think coming to Bansko to see Step By Step perform is worth it alone and is just one of the reasons I thin Bansko amounts to more than the sum of its parts

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