The Snow Forecast Until 7th March 2016

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Erdinger beer in bansko

Beer O'Clock Picture taken 22nd February 2016

The snow on Saturday was welcome, but more warm temperatures return. Thankfully there will be a little snow higher up on Wednesday. But the real excitement is snow for Saturday. I am expecting around 50cm then.

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Snow forecast

After seven days the probability of the forecast being correct drops, but it looks like lower temperatures and from Monday 29th February until 5th March there will be a little snow every day.

I use the in-app weather and Meteo Blue and weather Here is MeteoBlue forecast. Remember that every 1,000 metres higher you go you drop approximately 8 degrees C.

The percentages are the probabilities of accuracy. The fall in temperatures is more than welcome. This will enable the snow cannon to operate — especially at night when temperatures will fall below zero.

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One fine day. Picture taken 22nd February 2016

Today was good conditions, but as thew day wore on the snow became softer lower down. The snow road is open.

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Bansko App in-app comment

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In-app chat fun.


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