The Jagermeister House Bansko Apres Ski Bar At The Passage

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The Romanian

Me with Adrian -- "The Romanian" - one half of the pop/hip-hop duo R&E

The Jaegermeister House Bansko owners are R&E a.k.a. Rumanetsa and Enchev. R&E are the famous Bulgarian hi-hop and rap duo. The Romanian (Adrian) and Georgi (George) describe their concept and inquest approach for their new apres ski bar white tent behind the Passage building (opposite the Kempinski).

Jagermesiter House is one of several other venues opening up in the Passage. These include SUBWAY sandwiches chain, a Jewellers and a supermarket and their plans for season 2016/17 for a rooftop bar.

It may be that the promise that we all felt after podcast episode 24 with Sunny’s 87 owner, Blake Gee will now, eventually materialise:

It was especially disappointing that the hype and the promise of Le Passage did not materialise. It’s a complicated story; one that I am not qualified to retell. But there is now real hope for the Passage’s future. And that’s worth supporting if it adds more choice and competition to Bansko’s food, drink and entertainment centre.

Jagermeister at The Passage Bansko

Jagermeister at The Passage Bansko

The new Passage management, lead by George Enchev.

Oh and Adrian and George love sushi, sausages, beer and shots. They claim to be not in this for the money. I really believe them on this. It is a long term game in Bansko for survival. They even promise free shots by mentioning

Hey, that’s nice of them.

Adrian and George want your feedback, comments, suggestions for making this bar a new and exciting addition to Bansko.

Check out their Bansko Facebook page and share this podcast for your chance to win one of one hundred free discount cards for the Jagermeister House Bansko. and their music Page

It’s worth checking out their YouTube channel to see R&E in action. The one below is typical of their music videos. They almost all feature scantily clad ladies that, some may say, are easy on the eye.

There’s no denying that fact.

I digress… but the prevalence of beautiful ladies here in Bulgaria is, undeniably, one of the joys of living in Bulgaria. That got me thinking, I do hope David Cameron, on his recent visit to Bulgaria, got too see some of the everyday “sights” that we enjoy here.

Here’s to their success and their opening party on Tuesday the 8th December. I’ll report back when I’ve experienced it. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts here or on Facebook.
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