Dear Santa

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Sunday days

Snow is all I want for Christmas. Is that how the song goes? Dear Santa please bring lots of white stuff to Bansko this Christmas. We have to be patient — but i’m less so inclined. Please do not make us wait too long.

So back to the facts. For now, it is artificial snow.

The snow making machines doing a tremendous job to make the best of it. This is much better that I could believe, although today was getting icy in parts.

So for now, I see snow arriving in Bansko from the 30th December. Colder temperature bring some more snow making opportunities. In the meantime we have to be satisfied with four pistes open. No snow road open. Lots of fine bright sunshine.

So not all bad then.

Warmer : picture taken 24th December 2015

T’s been even years since I started this blog. The goal remains the same. But now it come with greater understanding and knowledge — my aim is more redefined, and more focused. I feel I am more able than ever to help make your holiday in Bansko, whatever the season, better than it would be.

It’s the small details in the ski booking and ski lift passes, ski and snowboard hire, lesson / ski school and transfers process that removes the hassle. Like so many businesses it sounds like it should be easy —  but by putting the customer at the centre of all my endeavours, by always doing the right thing by the customer makes the  difference between a good holiday and a great holiday.

Wherever you are this Christmas, I would like to thank you for reading and hope to see you soon here in Bansko.

Happy Christmas.


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