Kempinski Bansko Wins Bansko World Travel Awards

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Carsten Seubert receives the award on behalf of the Kempinski

I have to admit it comes as no surprise that the Kempinski won Best Ski Hotel in Bulgaria. What with Carsten Seubert off to austria after we some just over a week ago.

Full Disclosure: The Kempinski Bansko are sponsors of Bansko Blog | App.

It was pleasing meeting Carsten Seubert, General Manager of the Kempinski recently. Click (tap) on play below. You’ll hear how he has the desire to improve the hotel’s standards of service, of choice, food and beverage even and  adapt the changing requirements of the hotel’s guests.

Carsten reminded me of so many people who want to improve standards; they are never satisfied — they know there is always room for improvement. I think this feeling in the General Manager of the Kempinski is a necessity as it would be easy rot relax and take advantage of the obvious location “dividend” that it enjoys.

And so it should be for any business.

Every day when looking at this looking at my blog and app here I always have a feeling of slight dissatisfaction — always things that need to be fixed. Juggling priorities to improve the experience… and like a hotel your feedback is really useful in me achieving these goals.

But back to the Kempinski; there was one thing that impressed me, t’s that Carsten had no plans to ever charge for their Wi-Fi internet access in the hotel. This is great because, in the main, the Wi-Fi is good in the Kempinski. In the podcast you’ll hear Carsten talk about the internet as a utility. He says it is like water, that is beyond the scope of charging.

I can’t agree with him more.

I found it irritating that in a Premier Inn hotel that I stayed in the the UK there was free internet — but as soon as the hotel got full the free internet was next to useless. I was forced to forced to suffer, or pay for an upgrade. Neither feeling brings any joy to anyone. And I just suffered without my all important internet for a few hours. Will O go back to a Premier Inn. I will search for alternatives from now on.

So congratulations to both the Kempinski and Bansko for winning these awards. Awards ar only ever part of the story and whilst I hold healthy suspicion and cynicism of awards, I do however think that the Kempinski, irrespective of their sponsorship of Bansko Blog, is a worthy winner. In short I can always recommend the hotel and now I have confidence that it will get better with Carsten at the helm.


Weather update

Some snow tomorrow Wednesday 25th November higher up. But more snow higher up again on Friday. From then on we see temperatures drop massively. More snow Monday 30th November.

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