The Good Beer Show 2015 8th & 9th August + 1st & 2nd August

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Bansko Good Beer Show 2012 -- navdrave!

Craft beer is in Bansko for yet another year in the shape of the Good Beer Show on 1st and 2nd August and 8th and 9th August (pre Bansko Jazz Festival meeting place). The beer show is hosted at Bansko Royal Towers, which is very close to the gondola lift — you can’t miss it.

There’s free entry and free use of the outdoor swimming pool and it start at 14:00 till 20:00 (approx).

The Bansko Good Beer Show

Beer 'o clock time

I am delighted to say that, yet again, I’m supporting the show via and Bansko App as well as The show is organised by Philip Walsh ( and Alex Eftimov from Bansko Royal Towers.

The Bansko Good Beer Show is in it’s fourth beery (and cider) year. I think every year the format is tweaked based on attendees feedback.

The event is held on the first two weekends on August to ensure many more people have a chance to bring all the family, meet friends and enjoy the all afternoon and evening BBQ and music.

Experimenting, expanding and rejuvenating  one’s taste buds with craft beer is a fun thing for me. And it almost always brings surprises. I like the brews that break the rules — such as beers from the high priest of hop forward craft beers from Denmark’s multi awarded winning brewers, Mikkeller (

Then there’s Brew Dog’s American style special brews such as Punk IPA and Vagabond. Fancy it rich, dark and chocolate? Then there’s Fuller’s Black Cab Stout. Or why not try a thirst quenching German wheat beer?

Many different styles of beers, served up cool, from six countries.

Hike and bike in the morning and if you’re coming to Bansko be sure to support the blog and app by booking your transfer on Bansko App — prices from just €13.95 per direction.


Beer in Bulgaria

If you’re interested in hearing more about the beer scene in Bulgaria, then take a listen to the audio show above where I chat with Rory Miller and Philip Walsh, the two founding fathers of the craft beer scene in BG.




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