Man Rescued After Avalanche

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Chalin Valong: Picture taken 11th March 2015

So the huge snow falls here in Bansko come with a seriously high avalanche risk. Yesterday my fears were again realised when Vasil Cholakov went off piste to the right of Todorka peak (looking down the hill) and got wiped out by an avalanche. Then today and English snowboarder went off piste and was eventually rescued with no injury.

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David and corduroy piste; 11th March 2015

Luckily, an English man spotted this all happen from the plato ski lift. He immediately called the rescue services.

Vasil survived. The English man survived too. Both ignored all the warnings.


Lucky escapes

Here is the full story The story reported in FOCUS News Agency says that Vasil Cholakov, aged 37, from the Bulgarian capital city Sofia. Chairperson of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) Hristo Grigorov spoke exclusively to FOCUS News Agency.

“The man is out of risk. He has a chest trauma. His head has been hit by a tree or a stone but fortunately he had a helmet, which saved his life. He is still a little bit disorientated but he will recover. The rescue operation is over,” Grigorov said.

This story comes after three local Bansko people were killed by an avalanche recently near the Yavarov hut (not in the Bansko ski domain but above Pirin Golf) where it is rumoured quite a number of riders / skiers were assembled. It seems strange to me that the avalanche was caused by the three people — all of which were hugely experienced.

A very sad event — but once again highlights the risk of avalanche.

I can’t help wondering whether the wearing of an airbag may have saved them. This is a last chance and not to be relied upon but I do feel it is insane that here that many off piste goers do not invest in the one thing that may save their life.

Chalin Valog Chair lift; picture taken 10th March 2015


Weather forecast

With a few snow flurries dying out from Sunday, the skies will be a clear blue. Therefore I see Bansko offering exceptionally pleasant ski conditions for at least the next seven days.

I’ve just enjoyed a fabulous four days in a row with John, Nick and yesterday David as well. Check out for latest video report.

Be sure to use Chalin Valog chair lift. Unfortunately the drag lift there is closed for repair and I do not think will be open before next ski season.

The time on the mountain included a powder day. It was joyous beyond words.

Big smiles all round brought out a lot of positive feelings for Bansko. I am sure the Horizon festival party goers enjoyed it all too.

Those who booked advanced rental skis got to use the wide Dynastar all mountain skis. Those are the ones I use on powder days.

As always, Bansko Blog is here to save you money.

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Gondola to stay open until 15th April

The lifts will remain open until 15th April.


Tip of the day

  • Do not go off piste.
  • Try Snowman indian restaurant at the Dream Hotel.
  • Sunny’s 87 Gourmet burgers, located are a bargain.



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