It’s Snowing And Other Reasons To Book Bansko For March

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Top Of Gondola Lift. Picture taken 4th February 2015

The snow is falling from the sky. It’s day twelve of the twelve days of snow. Something I somewhat optimistically predicted. Well it looks like I was a little conservative with the twelve days. Because Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all looking like some more snow for Bansko.

Today at least 10cm will fall; 30cm higher up. More visitors than normal are here, there are some long lift queues today due to lift closures.

Not so good.

I’ll will not say why this is happening now — but here’s a hint: there was an official protest for more resort expansion yesterday. I’ll be taking a closer look on the new ski domain expansion plans, such as they are known, at a later date.

This year, I’ve spoken to many families who are in Bansko now, but normally take their ski holidays in the traditional French resorts, like Les Trois Vallees and Val d’Isere .

They’re here trying out Bansko for the first time.

Whilst comparisons are unfair,  there was one common theme — and that was that their children do not notice the difference between Bansko and a premier league French or Swiss Alps resort. Good snow is good snow anywhere.

In fact, the teenagers are preferring the more affordable nights out in Bansko. Price of alcohol being the main reason for this. No need to hit the drink before you go out in Bansko. Families are really letting their hair down and exploring the town for great meals.

Such new places such Juicy (for real pies and juice) and Mall Bansko and Sunny’s 87  (for gourmet burgers) at Le Passage are expanding the fast food scene. And then there’s Leonardo Ristorante serving up fine Italian cuisine that would not be out of place in Courcheval 1850.

Indeed, with a budget that stretches to more extravagant meals out — I have been quietly feeling vindicated from these people switching to Bansko for the first time. It’s really because I’m hearing things I have been saying for years when it comes to a value ski destination; namely that Bansko can be a low cost quality alternative to the premier ski resorts.

It’s just like those who are switching at least some of their shopping away from Tesco and Sainsburys supermarkets for fast growing rivals in the now familiar shape of German chains, Lidl and Aldi.

Aside from skiing, Bansko offers plenty of other things to do — something I often write about but also something I was recently reminded by Sami, a non-skier who enjoyed the shopping in Bansko.

This year The Hotel Perun (named for the Perun people who are thought to have founded the town) hosts Poker, as well as various table games and slots, and is situated just 650m from the main ski lift; whilst the luxurious Grand Hotel Bansko is more slot machine orientated; offering a range of slots and automated Roulette games. If you want to brush up your casino knowledge before your flight touches down, check out Jackpot City; which hosts a similar range of slot games to the Grand Hotel.

Extremely cheap rates are available at local hotels during the summer and this is the time when Bansko emerges from a carpet of ice to reveal its true splendour. The area has a number of lakes, pine woods and thermal springs which attract sightseers from around the world. Click here for my podcast and article on the things to do in the summer.

You’ll also be in a better position to appreciate the town’s incredible history, which dates back as far as 100 BC. Be sure not to miss the beautiful Rila monastery; which has been in use for over 1,000 years!

Now is the time to look for flight deals to squeeze in some late season skiing; check out for deals on value quality hotels such as Valentina Height Hotel, Saint George Palace, Dream Hotel and many other favourites. Short break accommodation deals can be had for just £96 (€125 approx).

Then the only thing left to do is to book all your transfers, ski hire, lift passes, ski school, lessons here on in Bansko App (which has the low-coast Bansko Shuttle booking €19.95 per person, each way!)

I hope you’ve come away with a few ideas for a trip to our town; if you need fresh inspiration this blog, and the app, has more snow and weather news, restaurant reviews and facts posted, so check back regularly for more info.

Most of all, if you’re fascinated to try out some Spring skiing in Bansko in March (and early April) but also to discover what the town in the summer offers then click here to take a look at my Top 10 activities for the summer.

This year promises more music and cultural events than any other year. The Jazz Festival is the longest standing event, with more on their way.

Finally, if you’re into mountain biking, the ever popular Road To Nowhere mountain bike race is one to start training for as soon as you can. I keep saying I’ll do it then something gets in the way. I hope to get myself motivated to complete it this year.




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