Snow report from the piste

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Ski Bansko

Fine Bansko conditions. Picture taken: 10th January 2015

After a tremendous few days on the mountain with most runs open, the expected large Bansko snow fall today did not happen. There was snow, maybe 5 cm  just 100km to the North in Sofia — but Bansko received very little.

Times like this remind me how difficult it is to forecast weather. And how things can change — in the blink of an eye.

Snow forecast


Take a look at the video snow report above. It turned out to be a surprising one.

It was the most incredible coincidence that a physical sign post that Cristian to a video shot of — to show our location on piste number 5 — then decided to blow over a few moments later.

It was a fierce gust… you’ll maybe see my helmet roll down the piste if you replay the end. That was retrieved and continued some fast and had skiing.

Learning area view from new VIP Room extension

My special thanks to Cristian for his excellent camera work. It was taken using my  iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve owned it for three months now and never looked back.

This mobile device is a real work horse for me. Its 5.5 inch screen enables me to undertake proper email work including cutting and pasting — even the odd spreadsheet work. But, in general, I find it makes it easier to edit content by virtue of being able to see more text on the large screen.

I think this may lead to me enjoying my time out skiing more than I would have last season.

Battery life in the cold on the iPhone 6 Plus seems to have improved over the 5s. Not quite to the old Nokia days — but a step in the right direction.

So back to the weather… temperatures this week will not be as high as I feared. No more than 6C in town. But I cant see any new snow for a good five days ahead.

I’ll be back up the mountain soon and reporting back via pictures and video. You’ll get to see more of the piste and snow conditions and the prospects for more snow next week.

ski Bansko

Morning coffee relax in the VIP Room (Banderishka Poliana)

VIP Room extension

A great job in the VIP Room restaurant extension for 2015. It makes for a nice coffee stop or even for a special lunch although expect to pay 50 leva+ per person. This is where I try and upload images and video to Bansko Blog’s Facebook page.

I take my boots off and put slippers on and then start to do what we all do these days… stare at my phone! But at least it’s in comfort here.

I’ll be publishing a full round up of all my favourite places in Bansko in a few days. And, as always, it’s what I think of a venue and any sponsorship is fully disclosed.


Bansko App

Download the Bansko App which has all the info here and much more… Especially including the lift opening and piste opening info.

These features are back in the app after having to remove it. An annoying decision I had to make due to a technical issue that — how can I put his — was not caused by us.

New VIP Room extension. Excellent design

It’s all a Frustrating when I have to make a change that is beyond my control. But anyhow, the fix is done and just waiting for approval.

As always, your rate and reviews really help keep it free for others because reviews make an app popular and the more folks who use it the more bookings that are made bother there and here on the website.


Ski clothing top tips

Two top tips today.

I recommend decent thermal underwear to keep warm. Leggings as well as a full sleeve vest. I have no hesitation recommending merino wool as a great solution. I believe it is better to be a little too warm than too cold. Like in the video that gust of wind really made it feel colder — but I was still warm.

Merino wool doesn’t smell. It just feels better.

I hope to try a bamboo fibre thermal vest soon  — but somehow think it won’t live up to the hype. We’ll see.

Use proper ski socks. From time to time I see inappropriate socks being worn by ski hire customers. Often the socks are much too thick. Talking of clothing, today we had a very happy customer who rented out ski Jackets and ski trousers for him and his family. Sometimes it’s not worth buying especially if you live in a hot climate.

Whilst clothes are not on the booking form — just drop me an email if you need to rent ski gear.


Ski hire, lessons, ski pass and transfer bookings

Always a busy time for me and the team here. Skimania, our partners for ski hire, have helped the Bansko experience being better than ever. So nice to see comments from clients of Bansko Blog making their way to Bansko Blog’s Facebook Page (

Not all skis are the same. Not all ski hire is the same. Only new and branded skis, snowboards and boots are offered for rent.

The holiday extras aspect of Bansko were one of the main reasons I started this site. in 2008. After a terrible initial experience with ski hire in 2005, I decided that I wanted to ensure everyone can have a great start to their ski holiday.

Sorry for the blatant plug, but it the ski hire booking that helps me keep the blog and info all going.

This is how a great ski trip should start:

A friendly welcome at the airport from one of our transfer drivers. Once in resort, your lift passes ready to pick up the afternoon before you start and skis / boards / boots are fitted.

You’re ready to go the next morning.

From transfers that are reliable, in clean vehicles, equipped with Wi-Fi to your free piste map cloth. It’s all the small details that add up to make a difference to a ski holiday.

Some of your best memories of yours, and your children’s lives, come from ski holidays. I firmly believe that it’s wise not to gamble with these very important extras.

One of the perks of my job is that I love testing, every year, the new stock of VIP and Advanced skis. The differences are real — although sometimes it is a case of adapting to the feel and versatility of new skis.

Technology has made all the ski hire range more adaptable to a wider range of conditions. Last season I felt nothing could ever beat the Rsooignol’s which still provide very comfortable turning and speed performance.

It’s really impressive how well prepared modern skis perform.

But recently I have had more pleasure than I felt was fair in trying the, brand new for hire, Head SLX slalom skis. They’re really amazingly stable at speed and they’re now my first rate choice for all round piste work. They match my Head boots and Head ski top too — and that count for a lot!


Learning to ski and then improving

Here is where I am strong in opinion for the majority of skiers. Go for lessons to both learn and to improve. Group lessons are so cost effective. They are a huge amount of fun. You’ll learn and you’ll make friends.

Your children will thank you too for lessons in later life. Drilling in good habits makes  both skiing and snowboarding more enjoyable.

And as one reader mentioned — the instructors are experienced and know how to handle nervous learners both younger and older. I have found that the better I ski the more I enjoy the experience. Improving is a huge amount of fun and I whole heartedly advise every skier to take at least one lesson on their trip to Bansko. We can’t see ourselves ski, so a good instructor will correct the bad habit that has crept in and then progress can be made.

Be it more advanced riding techniques on a board or perfecting a smooth carve turn on skis — or help in the deeper stuff — everyone will benefit improving their skills.

I will add that we have for families, or for groups of friends, Individual Private Groups. These lessons mean that you’ll be all together with your own instructor. I recommend at least two mornings of these lessons as your instructor will show you some hidden routes, tips and tricks on the mountain

Book on the online form by clicking on the colourful writing above or click here.



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  1. Tom Shannon says:

    Thanks for the updates Lance, it really gives everyone an insight into how things are going. Especially your live broadcasts! Glad you got your helmet back, I did notice it tried to make a break for it!

    • Lance says:

      Thank you Tom — I’m delighted you find them useful… Yes it was quite a moment!

      The next video and snow forecast will be coming up soon.

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