Snow Falling Ready For Bansko Ski Season Opening

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Looking ahead to days like these

Bansko ski season is fast approaching. The weather and snow in Bansko for the ski season opening on 13th December is what I, and I think you, are interested in. The snow is a little wet — but hey, this is really good news.

I expect to venture out to take some time away from the computer and shoot a video report. Best of all I’ll be getting  those skis on for the first time.

I can’t wait for the first run.

Watch live streaming video from bansko at

As you can see from the stream cam above, there is — as I type this — no snow in town or on the lower slopes.

This will change as lower temperature come in soon.

A few false starts but I know many of you have been waiting to see the snow before getting super excited. But I think if you have flights booked you’re safe to book your discounted ski / snowboard hire, lessons and lift passes — here on Bansko Blog. The new form makes this really easy to book exactly what you require.

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But if you need any help then you can just chat to me here on and I’ll give you impartial advice on what is best for you and your family and friends. Too many people through ignorance book the wrong thing and pay more than they need to. I focus on quality as your ski trip is one that you should plan to be the very best.


Weather Forecast

More snow tomorrow means that we should have around 15cm of snow on the upper runs. But temperatures will come down and the snow will start covering lower slopes.

Watch out for my video report on Saturday, where I expect to show exactly what it’s looking like.

Huge response

A huge response to the last wine podcast from Dimitar Nikolov and I think one of my favourites. But also the third show I’ve recorded with Clive Leviev-Sawyer, from the Our shows are a little more serious than some but this one about pole dancing takes a lighter look into the murky world of Bulgarian politics.

Go to the podcasts page to listen to the latest — or even easier if you have iOS Bansko App either download or stream to all the podcasts there.

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