Ski Season Opening Joy In Pictures and Video

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Bansko ski

Bansko Plato on 13.12.14

The Bansko ski season commenced in a most joyous fashion. Clear blue skies and good snow cover of 70cm+ on the Plato. Nice music and entertainment on the stage at Banderishka Polliana as well as the downhill stars of the past enjoying the event in the sunshine.

Watch the video…

The only negative on Saturday was that my hunt in the snow for a treasure chest, that may have the winning prize if an Audi A3, was a complete waste of time.

I thought with my entry number, 169, that I would have a chance. But the pictures tell the story of conditions right now.

Bansko Plato domain in fine shape 13.12.14

But of course those working for the lift company knew that the game had changed this year… You had to be first at the area… and then of course you had to push and shove. They had all been found by the time I got onto the snow.

Hey ho… just my sour grapes and all that :). But doesn’t matter as the weather was perfect.


Need for speed with the right gear

After a shaky start my first ski of season started to become quite joyous. Before long, the good conditions on the plato meant that I was out clicking up some speed using the Bansko App speed and distance feature (iOS version 1.4.1 onwards). 87km/ hour on day 2.

It felt great to be out and away from the computer.

ski Bansko

Plato ski area from lift

Testing out the Advanced range for hire here on Bansko Blog was both interesting and fun. As always, it reminded me how freshly prepared edges and wax help enjoyed and confidence on the harder places.

So I recommend this range wholeheartedly including the Rossignol and Volkl slalom skis. Both feel confidence inspiring; but with the Rossignol’s just a little easier on the tighter carve.

I am waiting to try the new Head skis due in the ski shop in a few days now. They are very special and this year’s version is just a slightly tuned down world cup racing ski.

Talking of skis, the new range of all mountain skis from Dynastar come is three widths.

All in nice bright colours.

NEW!! All mountain Dynastar skis

The surprising thing about these skis is how well they deal with the piste as well as the powdery stuff . There really accessible for strong intermediates and are perfect for those days when there’s fun to be had on the edges of the pistes. And through the trees.

For advanced skiers only — but feel free to chat to me when I’m online to discuss your requirements whether your a beginner, an improver, not sure or got young children or just can’t dine the answer to your question in FAQ’s  when booking.

This year I, and the team here, are busy processing your bookings for ski hire, lessons, lift passes and transfers. And it’s also great to see so many users of the Bansko App booking my new Bansko Shuttle service.

Click on the writing below for booking form. Small class sizes. Friendly service. Properly serviced equipment. Well see You Say for why so many people come back year after year.

Excuse the shameless plug: This is just €19.95 per person each way and NO EXTRAS whatsoever.  


Snow forecast

Temperatures are finally dropping and I think more snow is on its way for Bansko on Wednesday and Thursday. Some snow may still fall as rain lower down.

After that, I think temperatures will be sufficiently low enough for snow cannon to start covering the snow road in the white stuff. Download the Bansko App and subscribe to the blog. Best of all, if you want to support me and my work — then you can do no better than booking your ski equipment here.

If you need a hotel then by clicking here you’re using my affiliate link — which means that you receive guaranteed best online price whilst supporting Bansko Blog and Bansko App. Thank you for reading and watching.

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  1. Phil D says:

    Lance, Old Sausage Fingers…..

    I do believe you should be using your spellchecker more often….
    I assume ‘Snow Forcast’ second paragraph to be a mistake, or is your enthusiasm for skiing on the wane?


    • Lance says:

      Phil, oh thank you. I do need an editor as, you are completely correct, I so have sausage fingers. Apologies for all past present and future typos. I do know how they grate. But what to do? Skiing enthusiasm is building to new heights. Especially as the old legs are now getting worn in. See you soon!

  2. Michael Green says:

    Hi Lance,
    If anyone is upset by spelling errors cheer them up by sending them to YouTube Channel miranmike100 for happy Bansko Ski songs. Tell them to click on videos when they find the channel.
    Don’t tell them I told you !!

    Great Blog ! Keep up the good work !!

    Michael Green

  3. Sara says:

    Lance, thanks for the update. It sounds like you are having fun

    The girls and I arrive on 26th Dec & we cant wait to get out on the slopes!


    • Lance says:

      Hi Sara, Yes, I love my job… but to be honest the hours are non stop dealing with booking, articles, editing and a brand new updated The Essential Guide To Bansko coming out soon (free for all subscribers). It’s looking like fresh snow will fall on 27th (possibly evening of 26th) so good timing. Have a great time, Lance

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