Snow Falling And Tips For The Ski Season

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Snow early season 2014/15

Snow 25th October 2014

Bansko ski season is now in sight. Snow falling on the slopes of Bansko always bring to me a sense of anticipation of the season that lies ahead.


Snow forecast

I anticipate around 10cm on higher slope over the next 24 hours. Cold temperatures to remain for at least the next five days.

I’m really excited with the weather prospects for the coming season — especially after last year’s shortage.

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Getting Fit

I write this every year but, more than ever, I believe that some simple exercise helps prepare for an even better snowboard/ski trip. I always take the stairs rather than a lift. If you work in the city, then walking up escalators is easy to fit in to the schedule. Same for the office building.

Great for those thighs.

Then there’s hill walking, cycling and other sports. YouTube videos are a great resource on the specialist ski exercise topic.

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Hiring the right gear

Quality new skis for 2014/15

Quality new skis for 2014/15

Click here to calculate your quote. Click and wait a fre moments on the colourful writing

In Bansko, just like anywhere else, not all hire equipment is the same.

In fact, far from it.

My partners, skimania, have been working with me since 2008 and have been in operation for over ten years. New skis and boots and new helmets complete the picture of a truly great experience.

Examples prices… just £50 for six days skis, boots and poles. We make it all convenient from your airport transfer (click here) to the collecting of your ski equipment the afternoon before you start skiing should you be arriving early. We’ll even let you have your skis for a free quick ski the afternoon you arrive (from 14:30). Easyjet fliers bring hand luggage.

On top of this there is the free piste map cloth lens cleaner. It was a hugely popular last season. Book early to avoid disappointment as numbers are limited.

snowboard boots in Bansko

New snowboard hire boots for this season

New or nearly equipment is just one part of the hire story. It starts with booking the right thing for you. I offer impartial advice for novices and advanced skiers alike.

For example, for those people hire advanced skis you get the choice of all skis in stock including the new all mountain skis on order as I type. So when there is a fresh covering you can those wide skis for floating on the powder. 


On mountain support.

For example, snowboard bindings can get clogged up with snow or there could be an equipment break. We have on-mountain support with tools and spares to get you back up on the snow in no time. Then there’s the details when your phone is flat. We stock spares lightening cables for iPhones and some android leads to charge your phone — yes I know only too well how lots of use — along with cold temperatures — quickly trashes a phone’s battery life.


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4 Responses to “Snow Falling And Tips For The Ski Season”

  1. Phil D says:

    Hey Lance.
    Its great to see the snow coming down to hopefully provide a good base for the seasons shenanigans!
    Seems strange to see the white-out whilst the UK is still relatively warm.
    Its nearly enough to tease anyone into an early-season snifter.



  2. Lance says:

    Hi Phil,

    You’re not alone wanting an early season snifter… I hope you stay tuned and when the order is given I’ll see you out here. Next five days remain cold with some more snow.

    So far. so good.

  3. Russ and Jane says:

    hi Lance
    very tempting to nip over sooner , anything on the new airport rumour? cheers

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