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Bansko weather has been awful up until Sunday. Much more rain than normal.

But things are getting a little better with more sunshine. But still rain most days…. see video above.



Picture Taken 3rd August. Above Vihren Hut.

Bandersihka Poliana parking. Warning

Bandersihka Poliana is closed. New building going on there. Gondola is closed.

Traffic going up to Vihren hut was really heavy on Sunday — when the sun shone beautifully for much of the day. Very little parking left after 10:00.

Matters will be worse on Saturday and Sunday of the Jazz Fest.


Tech Talk Podcast

I am delighted to have as sponsor of Bulgaria Now podcast. So I invited Vesey, one of the Directors, friend and fellow Apple fanboy, to talk tech with me.

Vesey ended turning the tables on me and asking me the questions about apps, how to podcast and so on. 

A new enthusiastic expat in Bulgaria

Last week I also chatted to Rebecca about her life in Bulgaria and her new web site. Another fun podcast.

It is your ratings and reviews that helps Bulgaria Now move up the search rankings. I know it takes a minute, but it’s so worth it because it helps others find the show.

 Bulgaria Now is available to be downloaded on iTunes.


If you enjoy these podcasts then be sure to subscribe in iTunes. Rate and review one star or five stars it all helps me ensure the shows are as good as I can make them.


Jazz Fest Week 8th to 13th August 

Starts 8th August until 13th August. Good Beer Show on Saturday. Book your transfer and car hire on the Bansko App. It takes just a minute to do. Great service and great rates.

Contact me for summer activities, horse riding, rafting and excursions to Melnik, Rila Monastry and elsewhere.


Opera Fest 2014 29th and 30th August

Main square. Free. Not to be missed if you’re in Bansko then.

The State Opera of Rousse will present the world famous ballet “Giselle” with music by Adolphe Adam and libretto by Theophile Gautier. The doyen of the Bulgarian ballet, Peter Lukanov, is the stage director of the production. Vesela Vasileva, Daniel Tichkov, Svetoslav Marinov, Galina Hristova and others will play the roles.

On 29th August the concert begins at 11:30. The Chamber Opera of Blagoevgrad will present a modern interpretation of Mozart’s one-act opera, “Bastien and Bastienne”. Professor Pavel Gerdjikov is the director of the play, which features soloists, such as Teodora Petrova, Plamen Papazikov, Diana Georgieva and Gergana Yancheva, and the Orchestra of the Chamber Opera of Blagoevgrad.

In the second night of the festival, the State Opera of Rousse will present Giuseppe Verdi’s legendary opera, “The Troubadour”, directed by Maestro Nayden Todorov and Producer Asen Shopov. The soloists are Kaludi Kaludov, Dimitrina Raycheva Alexander Krunev, Daniela Dyakova, Ivaylo Djurov, Georgi Mokriev and others.

The fifth edition of the Opera Festival will once again take place at Nikola Vaptsarov Central Square in Bansko. Entrance will be free of charge and open to everyone.


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