The Road To Nowhere MTB 2014 July 26th and 27th

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MTB Race 2011: I'm Suffering

The Road To Nowhere MTB race 2014 is on July 26th and July 27th. I can’t recommend this mountain biking event enough. Super fun and this year I believe it will be better that ever. New routes and varying difficulties for varying fitness and skill levels.

A great event for the less regular cyclists.

I will add that I feel that mountain biking in the Pirin is a great way to feel connected with the region. It’s an activity to soak up both the impressive views whilst providing a good work out for the legs. Click here to read my 2011 efforts at this race.

Registration process (Taken from, and thanks to,

Between 15:00 and 22:00 on Friday the 25th of July in the Garden of Bansko Royal Towers hotel (west of the gondola car park).

Click on play above to listen to Alex Eftimov who is manager of Bansko Royal Towers talk about this race with me. We, along with Ian Gardiner of Saint George Palace, talk about some of the other top summer activities to do in Bansko.

Entry Fee

15 leva per person, you must have a helmet and insurance to take part.

Day 1 (26th July)

Starts at Bansko Royal Towers. Something like this, with water stations and check points at  17km, 30km, 35km, 43km, 48km it looks tough but the real climbing is only 400m of  up and then miles and miles (or kilometres and kilometres) of down. It’s worth the effort.

After party at Basecamp Bansko.

Day 2 (27th July)

A mass start cross country event starting in the car park of the chair lift in Dobrinishtay at 09:00 and finishing in front of the hotel DKP in Bansko. This is at the start the start of the Dead Dog trail.

Here is the general route for day 2, there will be some small variations:
There will be assistance on hand using buses to collect cars from the start at Dobrinishtay, after the event.

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