Bulgaria Now Podcasts Go Weekly

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Bulgaria Now weekly podcasts are rockin’ with a new show every Friday. It’s been a huge pleasure and honour for me to have such awesome individuals joining me to share their knowledge.

Guests, such as Emerging Europe economic expert Nigel Davies to property Manager, Neil MacCaulay.


Vesey Crichton from htp://cleves.bg is lined up for a second show this week. It’s going to be a tech special as us Apple fan boys get excited at the new iOS 8, new iphone 6 and  OS X Mavericks. I’m feeling ambitious for the show as a strong pipeline of guests is lining up for the weeks ahead. Best of all the new Bansko App update has all these podcasts. Android update coming soon.

In a few words podcasting is not just turning out to be a whole lot of fun, it’s also a great way to connect, learn and discover.


If you haven’t already, I would very much appreciate your review of the Bulgaria Now podcast on iTunes…  This is the most powerful way you can support the show.  If you’d like to support this podcast then please click on this link:


Thank You.

It is your ratings and reviews that helps Bulgaria Now move up the search rankings. I know it takes a minute, but I really appreciate your time in getting this done.

 Bulgaria Now is available to be downloaded on iTunes.


Stories from Bulgaria

I’m always interested in hearing from people living and working in Bulgaria. It’s a challenging country in some respects but also brings it’s rewards in unexpected ways.

If  getting your story out there or you want to help others in some respect then why not join the show as a guest via Skype. Or in person if you are in Bulgaria. Contact me today if you’re interested — and it could be a great way to publicise your business and use the show as and embedded code on your website.


The podcasting road ahead

As a podcast addict I am ambitious to make Bulgaria Now a “must listen” show for everyone with even a passing interest in Bulgaria. Be they Bulgarian nationals living here or living/working abroad, expatriates, seasonal visitors, investors and start-ups or visitors coming for a holiday.

If you enjoy these podcasts then be sure to subscribe in iTunes. Rate and review one star or five stars it all helps me ensure the shows are as good as I can make them.



From weather to tech

The tech makes it possible for me to produce both video and audio and audio at the same time — so when I see the ski season approaching the focus will include weather as well as anything else. I love weather forecasting and hope to be more right than wrong.

I also love tech and the amazing technical revolution we are living in. It is changing how we interact and live our lives.

Right in front of our eyes.

Thanks for reading and listening.



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