Bulgaria: An Untapped European Gem

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Today I have a sponsored article that takes a look at things outside Bansko. As far as tourist destinations go, Bulgaria often flies under the radar. It doesn’t get the hype of other popular European nations, such as Spain or Greece, but I think it is every bit as spectacular.

So read on for a Bulgaria outside Bansko.

Located on the western shores of the Black Sea, Bulgaria offers visitors stunning natural beauty as well as ancient sites and modern, bustling cities.

Historical sites

While you’re perusing various holiday guides, you’ll likely come across incredible sites such as the Christian Orthodox Aladzha Monastery in north eastern Bulgaria. This unique rock cave was used by monks as far back as the 5th century BC. Stroll along the many trails and be sure to check out the 13th century catacombs.

Other must see sites include the Shumen Fortress, which dates back to the early Iron Age, and the Roman Theatre, in the city of Plovdiv, or ancient Philippopolis. The ancient theatre was actually discovered relatively recently — the 1970s, in fact — when a landslide uncovered it.

Bustling cities

The capital city of Sofia is a must-see. Home to the stunning Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Church of St. George (the oldest building in the city!), National History Museum and National Art Gallery, amongst many other attractions — Sofia is where it’s at. Nestled amongst the mountains, its beauty can’t be denied.

Other cities to put on your list include Sunny Beach and Sozopol, on the Black Sea, and Bansko for a bit of skiing in the gorgeous Pirin Mountains and Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv– both former Bulgarian capital cities.

Natural beauty

In terms of natural beauty, Bulgaria has it all. From stunning mountain ranges to natural parks and scenic beaches, outdoor enthusiasts will simply love this country. Head to Borovets, Pamporov, Chepelare and Bansko for high quality skiing.

Sun lovers — you’ll enjoy the beautiful beach towns on the Black Sea, including Golden Sands, Albena, Kranevo, Sozopol and Lozenets.

Fabulous food

Finally, when in Bulgaria, treat your taste buds to some of the local grub. Dishes like moussaka, kavarma — a lovely pork and veggie stew — and baklava will make your trip just a little bit sweeter.

So, for history, nature and tasty treats, travel around Bulgaria this year. You might just end up making it an annual event!


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