Special Podcast. The New Beer Business In Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is changing. Sometimes the changes come slow. But sometimes, once started, they come quickly; just like the choice of beer in Bulgaria.

Private enterprise is leading this beer revolution. Listen to Philip’s inspiring story illustrates what, and how, this can be achieved by the entrepreneurial minded here in Bulgaria*.

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Bulgaria Now podcast project was brought about my passion for podcasts. I’m always listening to them — both in the car and at home.

The goal of Bulgaria Now is to inform and entertain. All in an audio format (mp3) of around 25 minutes per show. A length that is easy to consume on a commute or when relaxing with a mobile device — wherever you are.

I am aiming to provide the sort of show that I would want to listen to. Something that tries to make sense of conflicting stories that you hear about Bulgaria. Through interview I am finding out how people both living here and interacting with people here are achieving results. But not just about entrepreneurship and business. Shows exploring the places to visit for entertainment and culture.

I’ll be covering a load of topics from Bansko in the summer, property investment, entrepreneurship, wine and rental. Lots of interviews are planned. Subscribe to the show to hear from the top players here in Bulgaria. Starting with Jonathan Allen (British Ambassador to Bulgaria).

Take a listen to my chat with Philip Walsh of beers.bg and let me know what you think this new format of mixed Bulgaria chat and interview related content by commenting below.

If you enjoy the shows, then please like, comment and subscribe. If you have any feedback, ideas or topics you would like covered in these shows or have a story to share with others, then please contact me and let me know.

*I have to excuse myself for a second of smugness. I suggested that things will change in a past article when discussing which Bulgarian beers are best.


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