Public Holidays In Bulgaria 2014 and 2015

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Pirin mountain walking

Summer hiking in the Pirin.

Coming to Bulgaria? Then you need to know when the Public holidays in Bulgaria are for 2014 and 2015.


Wednesday     01/01/2014     New Year
Monday           03/03/2014    National Holiday Bulgaria
Saturday         08/03/2014    Mother´s Day
Sunday            20/04/2014     Easter (orthodox)
Monday           21/04/2014     Easter Monday (orthodox)
Thursday        01/05/2014     Labour Day
Tuesday         06/05/2014      St. George
Saturday         24/05/2014     Saints Cyril and Methodius
Sunday            15/06/2014       Father´s Day
Saturday       06/09/2014       Unification Day Bulgaria
Monday          22/09/2014       Independence Day Bulgaria
Saturday         01/11/2014       National Revival Day Bulgaria
Wednesday    24/12/2014     Christmas Eve
Thursday        25/12/2014      Christmas
Friday              26/12/2014      St. Stephen´s Day


Thursday        01/01/2015         New Year *  Gondola lift queues expected!

Tuesday          03/03/2015        National Holiday Bulgaria
Sunday            08/03/2015        Mother´s Day
Sunday            12/04/2015         Easter (orthodox)
Monday          13/04/2015         Easter Monday (orthodox)
Friday              01/05/2015         Labour Day
Wednesday   06/05/2015        St. George
Sunday            24/05/2015        Saints Cyril and Methodius
Sunday             21/06/2015       Father´s Day
Sunday             06/09/2015      Unification Day Bulgaria
Tuesday           22/09/2015        Independence Day Bulgaria
Sunday              01/11/2015        National Revival Day Bulgaria
Thursday         24/12/2015       Christmas Eve
Friday               25/12/2015        Christmas
Saturday         26/12/2015        St. Stephen´s Day


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