Why You Shouldn’t Come To Bansko This Weekend

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Above top station

Todorka ridge. March sunshine.

The Bansko ski season ends on the 6th April. The live cams show the story in town. There’s no one around. No snow in town. Restaurants closing up for the end of the season. Bansko weather is warm.

So that’s it.

Another season over. Time for me to blog about mountain biking, paragliding and summer activities.

That’s what I should be saying. It’s probably what you’re thinking looking at the live cams.

So you’re about to cancel your trip and you certainly shouldn’t come to Bansko this weekend.

Hold on…

Is this really the best I can do today? My best advice?

No, I can’t keep this weekend a secret.


Snow forecast

Oh This is an interesting chart.

As always I recommend looking at the synoptic charts first. And then checking on the Bansko App the 5 day forecast and other online sites.

So get this.

Get set… we have a big dump coming on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th.

This is what spring skiing is all about. Fresh tracks in fresh powder. And sunny relaxing afternoons.

We’ve had several like this in the last few weeks. I particularly enjoyed a blast through the trees in fresh powder with Colin, one of my American friends who came over to try Bansko.

One great thing about Bansko is that there is less competition for fresh tracks after a snow fall — and not all routes through the trees are so popular.

(High avalanche risk, btw; so be careful)

Climbing Todorka


Blog update

Whilst we’re still taking ski hire and lift pass bookings here on banskoblog.com and transfers and car hire from just €15/day in Bansko App (REMINDER: There’s still plenty of free piste map lens cloths to give away to all bookings here), the bulk of the winter ski booking activities have subdued and made way for a little relaxing slope time.

But actually, a few days rest has ended. Now my attention turns  to meeting new and existing app clients both here and abroad. Actually the truth is that this work never stops and it’s great to have completed two apps for Bansko hotels: Bansko Royal Towers and Saint George Palace hotel. Both apps can be found by searching “Bansko” in the iOS and Android app stores.

Both mobile apps received updates during the ski season and they join the portfolio of 40+ apps completed here in Bulgaria under App Factory and Zavedenia accounts.

WARNING: Shameless plug:

If your pub, restaurant, club, hotel, clinic, salon, legal practice has not got an app. The get tappable. Get mobile optimised before your competition does. Prices from £39/€45 per month. Contact me for more info.


UPDATE: We’re still taking bookings for ski hire for dates until the season officially closes on the 6th April.

Last prepay 6 day lift pass 31st March 2014.



Bansko opinions

Back to Bansko. But as interesting for me is their views on Bansko — and on Bulgaria in general. With two guys  living in Alaska, and one high up in the French Alps, I was especially curious to hear their opinion.

They are musicians too. So I took then to Euphoria to see What’s Up Band and then to Amigos. Both bands were appreciated and both venues were voted as being of a high standard.

But so was the slope side drink and food session followed by a 7pm ski down from the Peshterite in the flood lights. To experience this on so little cash really enhanced the pleasure. Then there’s not forgetting the great value apartment I recommended for them. Cheap and located just a genuine 90 metres from the gondola.

They were impressed by that but then something I was especially pleased to hear; friendliness. Well I guess France comes with a variable standard of hospitality, but they expressed a genuine appreciation of how nice the people they met in Bansko were.

Encouraging feedback. (NOTE: Please ask lift operators to look a little less gloomy). 

Now, of course you could argue they came in a positive frame of mind. But I think that’s good too…  good energy along with an open mind helps bring out the best in others — wherever you travel.

But I’ll take from them one thing… that we don’t have it bad here in Bulgaria.

Like anywhere you can complain. But I have to learn to remember that we don’t all like the same thing. Overall I have realised that, when it comes to nights out and apres ski in Bansko, there is a very good reason to choose Bansko over somewhere more subdued.

And somewhere more expensive.

So watch out for more pics here and on the Facebook page where you can follow the latest on Bansko

Need help choosing where to stay amongst the hundreds of options?

Your first ski trip?

Not sure how it all works?  Please comment below or message me on this page.


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11 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Come To Bansko This Weekend”

  1. sam says:

    Hi Lance. Was in Bansko last weekend and the skiing was great. Straight on gondola with no queues and whisked up to the fantastically quiet slopes, bliss! After reading some comments was expecting conditions in an afternoon to be poor but pleased to say they held up pretty well. Bit sticky lower down but we were skiing down number 5 from plato til lifts closed with no probs! And late Monday with the strong wind behind us only added to the fun! Anyway, your comments have sold yet another trip to Phil which will take his total time in Bansko this season to THREE weeks!! Watch out Lance, hes after your job!

  2. Phil D says:

    And what a Job!…….

    Yes Lance, Sam is right – but her glowing report of the conditions over the last few days was also a contributing factor!

    Bansko End-of-season Skiing – Bring it on!

    See u Saturday.


    • Lance says:

      Hi Phil and Sam,

      So good to hear Sam that you have a had a super time; and that Phil will be on the plane over. And yes, I think he’s a natural snow reporter. He’s a natural and has the same commitment to Bansko that I do…. so, Phil, you’re always welcome be the reporter. Indeed more volunteers required — please just contact me if you like to share with others how the conditions are.

      What’s more, only simple file sharing skills only are required!

      See you Saturday.

  3. Gordon Wright says:

    Great times

    Took late week in Bansko 16th-23rd March after bring there late Jan/early Feb. What a great week that was ! No queues, empty slopes and sunny weather. Take a happy attitude with you and most people working there give it back,roll on next year and do not tell everyone how good Bansko is in March !!!!!!

  4. david shaw says:

    When will the Bansko app be available on Windows Phones ? 🙂

    • Lance says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your question. This is a really hard one. Because the app is free and income from it is too small to cover costs I do not expect to be making a Windows version, certainly not until windows users get to around 15% of smart phone users.– this is someway off as far as I can tell as I think uk account for 6% of sales. The stats also ignores much lower app users amongst window phone users. This of course could all change.

      So sorry a long way to say no not for the time being. If I may add that you have an ipad, then expect a special ipad version before next season — or if on budget look at the cheaper android tablets (like the Nexus).

  5. WP Learner says:

    Hi Lance,
    I was referred to your website by Yaro Starak’s blog. You have a great website here. I have just began my journey to live of my website. Your story encourages me a lot. Just want to say thank you!

  6. Stu Cole says:

    Hey all,

    There is a party about 15 of us ( all different skill levels, from beginner to advanced ) arriving on Saturday 5th !!! . Let’s hope it dumps big time this week.



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