The Mussel Farm Dalboka Comes To Bansko

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Starters incuded four types of fish and their wonderful mussel salad

Fresh mussels in Bansko? Now possible. That is why I was quite eager when I was invited to try the newly opened Dalboka Mussel Farm Restaurant in Bansko.

I’m a keen fan of seafood and have been missing a proper fresh seafood in the Bansko restaurant scene. That is why I was curious to try when I was invited to the newly opened Dalboka Mussel Farm Restaurant in Bansko.

Especially so as I had heard a lot about it from Bulgarian friends raving about the local mussels and fish they serve in their Sofia, Kavarna, and Plovdiv restaurants.

Fish @ The Mussel Farm Dalbaka

Organic and healthy

What is so special about it is that these guys have their own mussel farm in the North Black Sea in the Kaliakra Bay that supplies fresh organic mussels only to their restaurants. They are famous for no frozen stuff with unidentified origin, everything being cooked on the spot. The fish is supplied by local fishermen who sell them the catch of the day and it goes straight to your table for dinner.

Dalboka opened a restaurant near the farm which has become like a landmark of the Black sea coast, extremely popular with locals and tourists. Then they opened restaurants in other parts of the country, including Bansko this season.

What I could not miss noticing is the passion and pride of the whole staff for what they do. The manager and even the waiters are sea lovers who know their stuff and can competently explain everything on the menu.


Mussels with everything

We learned details about how mussels are grown and how healthy they are – it seems mussels have more nutrition value than eggs and other seafood. Also, mussels’ taste does not overwhelm other tastes in a dish, that is why they can be used in any dish, including a dessert – yes, read on:).

I started with a mussel appetiser called “The necklace of the water nymph” – mussels with onion, dill and lemon. I must confess I massively enjoyed it.

For a selection of different pickled local fish, choose “Neptune breakfast”, which has sprat, anchovy, Danube herring and caviar by their own recipe. This is their own taramasalata which for me was the best I had tried — I so ordered another separate dip.

There is a section in the menu with Dalboka’s interpretation of Bulgarian traditional dishes where the meat is substituted with their mussels (vine leaves; moussaka; stuffed peppers; eggplant). I will try these next time as I needed room for a main of Black sea fish. I was recommended grilled small bluefish and I am very happy with the choice.

The menu features all main Black sea fishes which may be unfamiliar to you so ask for advice.

Mussel pudding (you can' taste the mussels!)

Mussel pudding

It was with quite caution that I tried the final dish – mussels with apple filling. I must admit he was right – the mussel does not interfere with the fresh taste of raisins and apples. Quite nice.

Taste something different.

All in all, I agree Dalboka offers something quite different from anywhere else on the Bansko restaurant scene.

It is worth trying. Located in Astera building (former Tamplier) at 8 Strazhite St.

Reasonable local prices will keep me coming back (and no tout outside).


Wine tasting at the restaurant

Every Monday at 6pm, Dalboka offers wine tasting of a local boutique Plovdiv winery with mussel canopies. If you are a big group, you can book one private tasting. Wine and rakia for sale.

Telephone: 08970 58 505 and 0749 58 505.


Full Disclosure: This was a sponsored post from the restaurant. However, I never recommend anything I don’t really enjoy.


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