Sun and fine skiing.

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Picture taken: 2nd February 2014. Chalin Valog

Another good few days in to ski in Bansko. Most pistes open, include the plato.

Watch video to GoPro action from the slopes and snow report.

Some hard areas and some icy areas. But generally nice conditions. A lift queue rewarded early arrival to the lift.

More queues likely tomorrow. Use the cams to time your trip to lift if you can.

Romanian and Bulgarian school holidays clash to make this a popular weekend here this year. But the town is full of life and a good party tonight will be guaranteed.

Chair lift Bansko

Picture taken: 2nd February 2014

Snow forecast

No new snow for next five days. Increase in temperatures may actually improve morning conditions, but will impact snow cover by the 9th Feb.


NOTICE: All skimania private lessons times in February are as follows. Please come into shop to indicate your preferred time or indicate on booking form (Only available now from 22nd February).

  • 09:00 – 11:00
  • 11:00 – 13:00
  • 13:30 – 15:30



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6 Responses to “Sun and fine skiing.”

  1. Miles Wallis says:

    Hi Lance,
    What’s your view on half term week at the moment? From the forecasts I can see there is no snow and higher temperatures right through to 20th of Feb. If this is the case do you think they’ll start closing runs or will the cannons and existing snow be enough to keep everything open? We’ll make the best of it whatever, just want to manage my son’s expectations!


    • Lance says:

      Hi Miles,

      Higher temperatures will cause a reduction in snow cover. Chalin Valog, being lower down, will, in particular, suffer. But it’s a little too early to say how low night temperatures will go which will allow the snow cannon to work. Quantity of runs is important — but it’s not the only thing necessary for your son to have a really good ski holiday.

  2. Paul Gateson says:

    Hi lance , just checkin in , how’s Bansko ? Lack of snow I see , me and the gang flying in Friday for a weeks boarding and partying , heard anything about colder conditions and fresh snow for next week or is a tan on the cards . And any big night outs you know of between 22 and 28 th we should check out .

    • Lance says:

      Hi Paul,

      Whilst we need more snow, the best snow is usually after 10:00 ish once it’s softened up. Of course this is a snapshot view and could change today or any other day. There may be some snow higher up on Sunday. Always a bog night out in Bansko… Thursday, Friday Saturday nights are usually the busiest. Harry’s Bar at 5pm, then choose between the many places with live bands such as Euphoria, Amigos, Penguins, Queen’s Pub or my favourite Bar 360 (down Glazne Street) you could also try Jacks House (girls dancing on bar tops is entertaining stuff) or Oxygen.

  3. Paul Gateson says:

    Ok cool thanks , well hopefully bump into you , say hi and down a beer together . Cheers watch out Bansko here we come again l

  4. Paul gateson says:

    Hi lance , just one more thing , does ski mania wax boards . I’ve been riding it over here in sunny England , well indoors at the Snowdome , will need to get it waxed this Saturday or sat evening after boarding .

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